Joint Transportation Boards

To: Maidstone Joint Transport Board

By: Tim Read, Head of Transportation

Date: 22nd July 2015

Subject: Petitions Report Hermitage Lane junction with Fountain Lane

Classification: For Information


Summary: The purpose of this report is to provide members with a progress report on petitions currently being considered by KCC Highways and Transportation



1.0      Petitions Received

1.1      A petition in relation to increased development along the Hermitage Lane Corridor was presented at the April meeting of this board. The petition contained a number of elements relating to planning matters, this report deals solely with the request for improved pedestrian crossing facilities at Hermitage Lane junction with Fountain Lane (Duke of Edinburgh PH)


2.0      Work undertaken

2.1      The pedestrian crossing facilities at this junction do cause difficulties for many users, particularly vulnerable pedestrians. At present there are no pedestrian push buttons or lights. Pedestrians effectively have to learn the signal phasing in order to know when it is safe to cross whichever arm of the junction they are crossing. Notwithstanding this, the junction currently does have a good safety record with respect to pedestrians, there having not been a reported pedestrian incident in the past three years.

2.2      The existing traffic signal controller is now obsolete and is not able to be upgraded. In addition, a new pedestrian phase would require different signal heads and push buttons. The proximity of this junction to The Fountain junction further complicates matters, the potential detrimental effect of an additional dedicated pedestrian phase on congestion at peak times is clear.

3.0      Conclusion

3.1      The safety of pedestrians at this busy junction has been raised many times. We have looked into possible solutions previously, but as explained this is not possible within the existing infrastructure. Any upgrade will be costly; both in terms of the equipment and civil engineering, but also in terms of modelling costs to ensure the two junctions function with minimal detriment to congestion.

3.2      A bid for funding through the Local Transport Plan has been submitted, to upgrade this crossing, replace the controller and improve pedestrian facilities. However there are always more bids than there is available funding, so there cannot be any guarantee that this bid will ultimately be successful.



Contact Officer: Michael Heath

Tel: 03000 418181