Street Lighting LED Project Update Report




Street Lighting LED Project Update Report


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By:                                           LED Conversion Project Manager – Robert Clark


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Summary: This report provides an update of the LED conversion project, trial switch off sites review and consultation on street lighting.  



1.    The new Street Lighting Terms Services Contract is currently out for tender with submissions due back in September 2015. It is anticipated that this will be awarded so the LED conversion works will commence in early 2016. Full details of the programme will be confirmed shortly after the new contractor has been appointed. The programme will be communicated with all stakeholders detailing which areas will be completed and when these are scheduled. Residential areas with street lights (approx. 60,000) will be converted within 14 months, with all street lights in town centres and main routes to follow this.


2.    Phase 1 trial switch off sites within the county are currently being reviewed to determine whether these will be permanently removed or switched back on. A report detailing all sites and their recommendation in each district will be reported to the appropriate JTB during November and December 2015. Any site recommendations for permanent removal will be signed off by the Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport. 


3.    A consultation is scheduled to start from the 21 September 2015 until Sunday 29 November 2015. This will allow Kent residents and stakeholders to have their say on the street lighting policy. It will ask questions on the following as reported at the recent E & T Cabinet:


·         Part night lighting – current level of service

·         All night lighting

·         Dimming


  1. This consultation process will help inform the County Council’s decision on the new street lighting policy that will be incorporated during the LED conversion project. Details on this approach can be found in the E & T Cabinet report. We have been working with the consultation and communications team to ensure the right approach has been adopted. Once the consultation is live, all parishes and districts will be informed. Any changes to the policy will only be applied to those lights that have been converted to LED and commissioned on the Central Management System.



  1. An update report will be presented at the next JTB which will provide further detail on the progress of each work stream.



Recommendation:  Kent County Council Highways, Transportation & Waste request that the Board note this information report.


Contact Officers;


Robert Clark – LED Project Manager

03000 41 81 81