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Mr A V Selvedge

12 The Mallows

Thank you for your letter outlining the proposal for parking restrictions at The Mallows, this is most welcome.


I am writing to bring to your attention the possibility of cars being parked on two pedestrian pathway areas (non lowered) directly outside my boundary area, on the opposite side of the proposal. Cars have been known to park up on the pavements quite often, thus making the entry/exit from my cul de sac opposite difficult. This has meant forcing pedestrians to walk in the road of the traffic. These are the only two areas along this side and are approximately three feet in length.

I have highlighted this on the attached map with a red cross for ease of reference. It may be prudent to include these areas for yellow lining as well as it may cause damage to the pathway and possibility an accident.

Hoping you can take these comments into consideration.


The proposal is designed to manage the current parking demand in the area and migration of vehicles may occur, however this will be monitored, and if necessary further restrictions may need to be considered, although this will need to be managed carefully to reduce the impact on residents.


The properties currently have access highway marking protecting their driveways, and if vehicles are causing an obstruction then this can be dealt with by the Police as we have no powers to enforce this offence.








Mr T. Martin / Mr V. Bryan

20 The Mallows, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 2PX

As residents of ‘The Mallows’, firstly may I say that the proposal for parking restrictions, i.e; a single yellow line, to be implemented on The Mallows, is something which we are pleased to consider and long awaited, as a result of the increased amount of traffic parking along the road during the day and restricting access to drives and additionally restricting access for the refuge collection services and for emergency services, such as Fire and Ambulance.


As each property has its own drive in The Mallows, the complaints have been generated because of the parking issues created by daytime parking, Monday to Friday, of an increasing number of people who are parking here to go to work, rather than pay for car parking within the town centre. In your letter to the residents, you have stated that this is ‘in response to requests received in relation to ongoing parking difficulties’. As residents, only a few of us actually park on this road and that would only be after we return from work in the evenings. The issue is an access problem due to the disrespectful way in which the daytime traffic park on the road and not necessarily a parking difficulty for the residents.


That said, the issue only arises Monday to Friday, due to the people parking to go to work, and seldom does it become an issue at the weekends. At the weekends we do see a number of cars parking for a short space of time to walk dogs by the river, using the toll path for a quick stroll and in very few occasions do we see traffic build up at weekends for lengthy periods as during the weekdays, and we are quite tolerant of this weekend usage. The exception to this is at times when the park is being for an event, however, we were told that when this occurs, ‘No Parking’ enforcement ‘cones’ will be put on the street to stop excess parking. This has been done on some events, however, not considered at others. May be this is something that needs addressing at times of park events.

We do have some annoying issues with anglers, parking on the road for access to the river, which additionally has created a build up of litter, as they leave their rubbish in carrier bags by the river side or thrown into the woodland. In a separate issue, we would strongly suggest more litter bins.


We are in favour of having a ‘Monday to Friday restriction’ on the road, which really does not have to be any more than an hour or two during the day, to stop persistent use of the road by those using it as a ‘car park’ to go to work. Restricting the parking at weekends, resolves few issues and indeed then will create difficulties for the residents, when we have visiting family and friends during the weekend. This is currently not a problem, so in fact, the restrictive times that you have proposed will create difficulties and problems for residents, where they never existed before!


Many residents work locally or within a short drive, so they leave in the mornings about 8.30am and return home for around 5’o’clock. Those of us that do have vehicles on the road side, will have so many issues if the 8.00am to 6.00pm times are imposed. It’s not at all necessary for a ‘full-day’ restriction, let’s say ‘10am-2pm, would curb the parking issues and also then not create problems for residents parking after work, after all this is supposed to be a proposal to help the residents not hinder them move.


We have listed our main objections to this proposal below, however, we do welcome some sort of parking restriction that is logical, fair and in keeping with the considerations of the people who live on the street;


a)   We object to Saturday and Sunday restrictions, as this is not resolving any particular issue that we have. Indeed this will surely create difficulties for residents rather than responding to our requests. A ‘Monday to Friday’ only restriction is generally requested and prefered. (This restriction can be seen in use on Sandling road, Maidstone, behind the ‘White Rabbit pub’, as an example).

b)   We are not in favour of the 8am to 6pm time restriction, as this is totally not necessary and it is not being considered with residents in mind. Because we are only trying to curb the increasing ‘work traffic’ that parks here all-day, then a shorter period would be sufficient, e.g. 10am-2pm and then this would not impose on residents.

c)   If a longer restriction is felt to be necessary then please acknowledge that many residents leave for work after 8am and are back home by 5pm-5.30pm. A restriction of 9am – 4pm/ 5pm is surely much fairer when considering the needs of the residents.

d)   Cars park not only on the south side of this street but are now parking between white lines on the opposite side of the street and parking up the curbs. They also park in the area opposite the ‘turning area’ at the end of the street, by the side of No. 22. Wouldn’t it be better to increase the single yellow line enforcement to this area as well, as this is the main area which restricts access by the refuge collection van. If the single yellow line could be put between the white lines in front of drives, then this would be increasingly helpful, as we know that, once the restrictions are placed, the drivers will simply migrate from one side to the other, when the restrictions take place and then block our drive access. They will also start to park on ‘Foxglove Rise’ without a doubt, as this will then be their only option.

e)   We would consider parking bays as there are on Moncktons lane. Many residents were hoping that this was going to be in the initial proposals.

f)    Address the issues of putting ‘No Parking’ cones along the street on Saturdays/ Sundays when an event is being staged in the park or by the river. This is not always done, even though the council have agreed to this on several occasions.


Thanking you for your attention and we trust that our considerations are taken into account.








































Parking Services do not place cones on the highway, however event organisers may consider this as a way of managing the parking during events.













































Consideration could be given to an amendment to the order, which will alleviate some of the residents concerns such as a reduction in the current proposal to the suggested

Mon-Fri – 5pm restriction or a half hour restriction during the day to prevent all day parking.








































due to the nature of the restriction we will not be provided permits for residents and We have no plans to extend the current residents parking scheme or introduce parking bays.














Mrs Pauline Bailey

25 The Mallows Maidstone, Kent, ME14 2PX

RE: Proposal: Single yellow line, Monday to Sunday 8.00am – 6pm. South Side,. From a point 6 metres east of western property boundary of No 9 for a distance of 120 metres in a west/north westerly then southerly direction.


With reference to the above, I am very concerned that your proposal to put these yellow lines in our road as per your diagram. I have lived in The Mallows for 20 years and we have never had any real parking issued. To have these lines imposed on us will cause untold upset, especially to the 3 / 4 bedroom properties with grown up children with cars, all the properties only have 2 parking spaces and not much front garden to extend their parking. These lines will only add to the problem (would anyone want to park in another road) moving the parking to another area, giving that road a problem !!


The only time I can recall parking issues was when Watman Park have events and cones were put down the road exactly where the intended lines will go. People then parked on the other side of the road thoughtlessly whereby people could not get in out of their drives as the turning circle was blocked.


Please reconsider this scheme of a yellow line. We have a good family community going on in The Mallows and this could cause unnecessary arguments and family fall outs over parking.



Miss Nicola Maynard

4 The Mallows, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 2PX

I am writing in response to your proposed restrictions in The Mallows which I fully support.


I have read my neighbours letter to you and can only but concur with everything he has detailed. I would like to add to these, please see my comments below.


With reference to the flooding water can reach my drive and my small border at the bottom, when cars drive through the flood at which ever speed to cause the biggest wave this will wash up my drive and wash my shale border décor into the road, again as my neighbour has mentioned we are often unable to clear the drains opposite because of parked vehicles. Sometimes the water is so deep that people will drive on the path to avoid causing more damage.


People will often turn in my drive usually at speed because it is ‘home time’ and so for the second time I will have to have the gully at the bottom of my drive repaired as the metal drain covers are ruined, something which is not cheap. These gullies were in fact put in to alleviate the drainage issue caused by the inadequate main system.


I have a large estate company vehicle for my work and the manoeuvring of this can be challenging when the road is full of commuters, whatever even though I am a very experienced driver I have to use my grass verge to get in the drive and my neighbours to reverse out! Something neither of us thinks is reasonable.


Having spoken with Trevor (No 6) we understand that some of our neighbours further down aer not so keen to have parking restrictions, this is fine because when the commuters/fishermen/Mums start blocking their drives and leaving rubbish behind they might feel different but in the meantime if they do not support this then just implement them from numbers 2 to 12. We know that the lady at 12 is very happy for this to go ahead. There will also be funds to improve the safety of the junctions at Foxglove Rise and Moncktons Rise as Trevor mentioned, even if all the restrictions for the Mallows go through this essential part of the road the implementation of double yellow lines must happen. I am sure you must have considered it prior to this and as your team are here to ‘line the Mallows then it must be cost effective to do this area at the same time. This will also make the ‘hidden’ access to the back of Moncktons Rise properties safer.


If I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

















































The request to place restrictions as only been considered within the Mallows due to concerns raised, regrettably migration of vehicles may occur however this will be monitored, and if necessary further restrictions may need to be considered, although this will need to be managed carefully to reduce the impact on residents.






Mr Trevor Puckett

6 The Mallows, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 2PX

Further to your much supported and much needed proposals may I suggest a small extension to your plans for safety reasons, as I have also mentioned to Ian Chittenden.


The addition to your plan would be to have double yellow lines from Kerry Hill Way from the pumping station entrance .down to the start of the Mallows i.e. property No: 1 and on the opposite side of the road from Monckton’s Rise down and around the corner of Foxglove Rise on the adjacent corner down the Mallows to number 2. The reason being that people will park as close to and on the unmarked corner’s causing an accident black spot, although there have not as yet been any fatalities or serious injuries at these junctions (I was informed this needed to happen before double yellow lines would be laid) it is an accident waiting to happen. Prevention is better than cure. These proposals would keep both junctions clear and much safer. Keeping these parts of Monckton’s Lane clear would also allow the road to be swept properly as most of the dead leaves and other debris are washed down to The Mallows from these areas which can cause severe flooding in the road between No’s 2 to 10.


A further point I would like to mention is that if your team are already here yellow lining, to include these additional works would be cost effective saving your return to ‘double yellow’ after a severe accident, which I hope will never happen but will if these additions are not actioned with the rest of your workings. Having lived in The Mallows from the first build I can assure you the offending commuters, fisherman, Mums going to Whatman Park will fill any possible car room space to save an hourly fee.


Things that the Mallows has endured for too long:


Sex in vehicles opposite

Defecating in the wood opposite

Urinating by their car or in the wood

Minor fly tipping

Abuse when asking people to move their vehicle for a practical reason

Road not swept (a service we pay for)

All kinds of personal or picnic rubbish (even disposable bbq’s sometimes hot) a fire risk, adult / child burns?

The Mallows being used as a ‘park and ride.’ Four cars arrive they all get in one and drive off till the evening

Dirty nappies

Refuse Lorries having difficult access or having to revisit to do their job

Total disrespect by commuters for the local residents

Possible emergency services inhibited or delayed access (at peak times, school holidays, weekends) any time 06.00 till 19.00 the London team don’t leave till 19.00

The emergency gate to the river in The Mallows blocked by anyone and everyone, no thought for emergencies of any kind or respect for others

Emptied ashtrays at the side of the road not cleared because the road sweeper cannot access the gullies.

The road may still flood but not so dangerously or deep, maybe up to ½ meter or more at time !! (We then clean the drains ourselves).


I have enclosed a map of my additional restrictions and highlighted the junctions mentioned.


Your comments would be much appreciated.


Please see my contact information below; I am more than happy to discuss any of the above with you.






























Any restrictions need a Traffic Regulation Order, unfortunately it is not a case of placing further yellow lines






Mr George Colgate

8 The Mallows, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 2PX

I write to you concerning your proposal to place a single yellow line parking restriction for the length of 120 metres along The Mallows, Maidstone, ME14 2PX.


Firstly I would like to understand what the issues are with the current un-restricted parking. I am a resident of this street and I have never had a problem with parking. There is nearly always parking spaces available, driveways are very rarely blocked (I have never experienced this problem) and when people do park on the street they are always very fair. Cars are not parked nose-to-tail; they always park close to the kerb and never cause a nuisance to local residents. In the time I have lived on this street I have only ever found parking ‘tricky’ once. This was when there was an event within the Whatman park, however this is once in a blue moon and understandable when living so close to local amenities.


My second concern with the parking restriction proposed, a single yellow line, with no parking Monday-Sunday 0800-1800 seems excessive for a street with no real parking problems. The problem for me is that I often have close family and friends visit at the weekends and this would stop anybody being able to park near my property. My partner also often has visitors during the day, both at weekends and during the school holidays. Due to the location of the street, the parking restrictions would leave no where local for guests of residents to park. This is my biggest issue. Currently the only other local street that resident’s guests could park on is Foxglove Rise. However placing parking restrictions along The Mallows will only cause a problem on Foxglove Rise, as a high density of people try to park in a smaller area.


Finally I can see potential issues for other residents of The Mallows. I am fortunate enough to own a property with a two parking spaces. In comparison the majority of my neighbours have only one parking space. This means they regularly park a second car on the street. The proposed parking restrictions will cause a great problem for these people. A problem that currently does not exist. To demonstrate this I have attached a number of photographs, these were taken at different times and days. All show that there is no problem with parking along the street.


As a local resident I do not feel there is currently a problem with parking along The Mallows. Should the current parking proposal be approved there will be a large scale problem for many residents along The Mallows. It will also create a problem on the local street Foxglove Rise and upset residents of this street.







The initial request for parking restrictions was raised at a site meeting with the local councillor after concerns where raised by the residents.

Mr Ron Carr

9 The Mallows, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 2PX

Thank you for sight of your plan for the intended implementation of a single yellow line at the above location.


From a personal point of view, I would be happier if the line started directly from my western boundary rather from the west side of my drive. This is because I occasionally have visitors and it is convenient to park on the road rather than shunt vehicles in and out of the drive.


The main problem of parking on the Mallows is due to local workers (and possibly even commuters as the East Station is only a ten minute walk along the towpath) who take advantage of current free parking by leaving vehicles parked throughout the day. Although Maidstone Council constructed the excellent Whatman Park, in their wisdom they did not provide an area of parking for visitors to the park, therefore some vehicles are occasionally left by parents with children visiting the park and also fisherman accessing the adjacent River Medway. However, these are fairly few and far between, they do not park throughout the day and naturally are infrequent in winter months.


I would suggest that the best option would be the implementation of the yellow line but with a no-parking restriction for a couple of hours during the middle of the day. This would continue to allow limited free parking for visitors to local residents and to local amenities including the park and the river. I would also suggest that there is more chance of obtaining revenue for the council by checking vehicles during the no-parking period, which drivers are more likely to abuse than within an area of total no-parking restriction.



Ms K Thomas

10 The Mallows, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 2PX

I write in response to your letter of 17 July 2015 regarding the proposed parking restrictions for The Mallows.


During the twelve years that I’ve lived at this address I have been unaware of parked cars causing any obstruction or road safety concerns. I therefore feel that the proposed restrictions are unnecessary and would result in loss of parking for residents in an area where there is already limited parking space.


Cars that park along this stretch of road seem to belong to residents, guests of residents or those visiting the River Medway when canoeing, fishing and walking. If parking is restricted as you propose, this will cause problems for residents and visitors alike.


Many of the visitors parking here are elderly or have small children and some have equipment that they need to carry from vehicles. I have not found the number of cars parked along the road to be a problem and it is good to see people enjoying this area of outstanding natural beauty.


In addition, the removal of parked cars from the road may encourage passing traffic to drive faster, which will have a detrimental effect on the area and cause increased noise and danger to pedestrians.


I object therefore to the above application and would ask that you reconsider this proposal.



Mr Michael Nolan




10 The Mallows, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 2PX

Since moving to The Mallows twelve years ago, I have felt very lucky and privileged to have the natural beauty of the River Medway on my doorstep. Not only is this one of the most outstanding parts of the river, it has also managed to stay idly sleepy despite being surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Maidstone and the M20. I therefore object to your proposed parking restrictions for the following reasons:


  • As a resident I want to be able to park on the road in front of my house, without restriction. I also have guests who park in The Mallows. Although the frontage of my house could accommodate two cars (at present I have space for one on the drive) it would mean cutting down a cherry tree, pulling up hedges and digging up the lawn – the appearance of which I take great pride in. The front garden is also a refuge for slow worms, hedgehogs, numerous birds, and squirrels and I would be very unhappy to further encroach on their environment when we have a perfectly good tarmac road already in situ for cars to park on. Other residents of The Mallows also have aesthetically pleasing front gardens and it would be a shame if they too had to be destroyed to make space for alternative parking.
  • Yellow lines painted on the road will have an adverse effect on the pleasant and rural appearance of the area and will not be in keeping with the wooded surroundings.
  • People park in The Mallows because it is a safe and idyllic location in which to start their riverside activities. Many are infirm and every step they take is precious. Parking in The Mallows allows them to be in a delightful area with minimal effort. Likewise parents bring their infants and toddlers here to enjoy the wildlife and natural surroundings.
  • Fishermen occasionally park here and are generally respectful of the area and it enabled them to have easy access to the riverbanks with their equipment. Canoeists also park here for the same reasons to enjoy a day on the river.


Even though visitors park in our road, never has it caused me any concern and I feel it would be a great loss to the community if this facility was removed from the public domain. Before I moved to The Mallows I also used to park here to enjoy walking along the towpath. If I were to move away from here, I would like to think that I could once again park here as a visitor. There has been no car crime here as far as I am aware and people can leave their cars knowing that they will be relatively safe whilst unattended.


I feel very strongly that people should be able to enjoy the river just as we lucky residents do. There are no problems with parking on the whole in my experience and so I object to the proposed restrictions.



Ms Christine Back

1 The Mallows, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 2PX

Regarding the proposed parking restrictions for The Mallows, ME14 2PX (“Waiting Restrictions Order, Variation No 30, Order 2015”).


I understand that there are concerns regarding individuals parking on The Mallows in the morning and walking to work. If this is the main concern then a reasonable solution would be an hour restriction e.g. no parking weekdays between 12-1pm. This should be accompanied by a residents’ permit so we are able to use the road reasonably.


This seven-day, ten hour restriction is an extreme reaction which punishes residents more than the intended individuals. There are more reasonable solutions available and I ask that these are considered instead.


Please let me know if there are any other opportunities for us to object to this proposal.



Mr Richard Smith

2 The Mallows, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 2PX

Regarding the proposed parking restrictions for The Mallows, ME14 2PX (“Waiting Restrictions Order, Variation No. 30, Order 2015”). I have very strong objections to this proposal on the following grounds.


My wife and I are teachers with a six-month old daughter. We work at different schools and have two cars with space for one car on the drive. If these harsh parking restrictions are put in place (with no resident parking permits) then I am left without a place to park at all. The only option is to park street away or pay (£5000 approximately) for a front drive which is an unreasonable expectation.


I understand that there may have been some concerns regarding individuals parking on The Mallows in the morning and walking to work. If this is the main concern then a reasonable solution would be an hour restriction e.g. no parking weekdays between 12-1pm. This should be accompanied by a residents’ permit so we are able to use the road reasonably.


If there are safety / practical concerns regarding larger vehicles I can confidently say that a fire engine had no trouble accessing The Mallows on the 21st of July and a refuse truck had no trouble on the 22nd of July 2015.


We have lived on The Mallows for three years and I can categorically say that we have very rarely had any trouble parking. This seven-day, ten hour restriction is an extreme reaction which punishes residents more than the intended individuals. There are more reasonable solutions available and I ask that these are considered instead.


I have contacted our local councillors alongside our MP Helen Grant to ask for advice and they have been very helpful. Please let me know if there are any other opportunities for us to object this draconian proposal.



Ms Holly Smith




Regarding the proposed parking restrictions for The Mallows, ME14 2PX (“Waiting Restrictions Order, Variation No. 30, Order 2015”).


I understand that there are concerns regarding individuals parking on The Mallows in the morning and walking to work. If this is the main concern then a reasonable solution would be an hour restriction e.g. no parking weekdays between 12-1pm. This should be accompanied by a residents’ permit so we are able to use the road reasonably.


This seven-day, ten hour restriction is an extreme reaction which punishes residents more than the intended individuals. There are more reasonable solutions available and I ask that these are considered instead.


Please let me know if there are any other opportunities for us to object to this proposal.






Due to the nature of the restriction there is no provision to provide permits for residents

Mr Alex Dimmick

15 The Mallows, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 2PX

I am responding to support the proposed parking restrictions for The Mallows. I attempted to get the council to make it residents only for the Mallows back in 2006 but unfortunately nothing came of it.


Commuters, fisherman and visitors to the park using our road for parking is a problem and has been for some time. The 1 hour restriction idea suggested by another resident will not address these. Also people parking in turning areas or on the corner of turns is a safety problem. If there was a fire it could be a problem for the fire engine to access, which is something that cannot be ignored by the council.


Whilst we park all our cars on our driveway we would like to have a residents parking permit if our friends or family visit.


I am therefore happy to support this as long as we can get a permit.






















Due to the nature of the restriction there is no provision to provide permits for residents






18 The Mallows, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 2PX

Having received notification of intended introduction of parking restrictions at the above location, I firstly object to the proposal.


However I note you can only take into account valid matters sadly these have not been included in the notification can I therefore ask that I be advised so that I may correctly address this matter.



Mr Neil Williams

26 The Mallows, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 2PX

Thank you for the proposal letter and in reply to that letter detailing the parking proposal for our street I wanted to raise some concerns.

I appreciate that the main reasons for the restriction is to ensure emergency vehicles and waste disposal vehicles etc. have the appropriate access, as is only right, as well as ensuring those of us that live here are no longer impeded by people abusing the capacity to park in our road.

I do feel personally it is right some form of restriction is put in place, but I do feel what you propose is too harsh and actually ends up penalising those of us that live here, too much.


I should make it clear that by living at No.26 overall the restriction will not impact us too badly in this house, however I do feel that others in the street would suffer unfairly as a consequence and also the remaining 2 spaces at the foot of our drive, that would have no restriction over them according to your proposal, would become themselves a potential political problem in the street.


To my understanding the issue has been at its worst during the week and partly due to people leaving cars parked to walk in to town for a days work, and with this in mind would it not be just as effective to have a restriction window shorter than that proposed, say for example 10am – 2pm, or 11am – 3pm on the line?

Also weekends are often quiet in the road and the suggested restriction will simply limit the capacity of parking for visitors of the residents.

Alternatively would a parking permit scheme not be just as satisfying a solution for the residents and ensure the same result?


One last side not I would make, the sign at the top of Moncktons Lane which states parking in the roads for people visiting the park is not allowed is obscured by a tree, also it is very high up so really not noticeable at present.


I hope this aides your ultimate decision and thank you for being given the opportunity to voice our opinion.







Ashburnham Road



Comment 2









Mr T C N Price

2 Raymer Road Penenden Heath  ME14 2JQ

I am writing in regards to the proposal to amend the parking restrictions on ASHBURNHAM ROAD and DOWNS VIEW ROAD, SANDLING.

I would like to make representations regarding the proposal, as I believe they are unsuitable, unworkable and will not have the desired effect. My property is sited on the corner of RAYMER ROAD and ASHBURNHAM ROAD and has access to our main driveway on ASHBURNHAM ROAD.


Currently vehicles parked on DOWNS VIEW ROAD near to SANDLING LANE appear often to be involved in ‘ lift-shares’ as they are parked early and meeting other vehicles each morning. Residents own about four other vehicles parked on the road.

Vehicles parked on this road cause severe congestions in the morning and afternoon when vehicles use DOWNS VIEW ROAD to drive towards Sandling School in order to drop off and pick up children. The congestion, whilst severe at times, is brief –limited to 20 minutes twice a day.


Allowing a two-way, single carriage way would reduce congestion and allow easier access to the School, however the proposed parking restrictions will not facilitate this. Restricting parking between 1330 and 1400 hrs will, no doubt , prevent commuters parking on the road ( they will be displaced elsewhere in the locality) but will only encourage more parents to drive and park near to the school as there will be ample parking as a direct result of the proposed restrictions. The consequence will be the same congestion at school times which I believe you intend to avoid, but will prevent residents parking outside their properties throughout the week, including school holidays when the congestion is not an issue.


The situation is similar in ASHBURNHAM ROAD; vehicles parking on the west side of the road are, in this case primarily Sandling School staff. Vehicles generally arrive between 0800 hrs and leave by 1600hrs. The Parking on the west side of the road prevents two-way traffic flow and certainly contributes to congestion at school drop-off and pick-up times. However, crucially the traffic remains slow moving and allows children to cross the road safely. I am inconvenienced by parking on the west side of the road (vehicles parked directly opposite by driveway and cause difficulty existing my property) but I accept this state of affairs.


Allowing a two-way, single carriageway on ASHBURNHAM ROAD would again reduce congestions and allow access to the school, however the proposed parking restrictions simply prevents sensible parking by Sandling School staff and will encourage more parents to drive to school and park in the now-empty road. This will result in the same physical obstructions that cause congestion in the first place. The current restrictions therefore, simply inconvenience Sandling School Staff, prevent members of my household from parking on the road (when required) and will cause more parents to drive to school. It will also have an impact on parking within RAYMER ROAD and DOWNS VIEW ROAD (northern section) as more drivers will choose park their cars there.

I will accept that deliveries to the school are adversely affected during the day due to parking issues, but this is exclusively the result of drivers choosing to park their vehicles on the east side of the road (adjacent to my property) causing a chicane that lorries and school coaches cannot negotiate. During periods of drop-off and pick-up, drivers also choose to flout restrictions on the corner of RAYMER ROAD and ASHBURNHAM by parking on the corner and, most of the time, on the actual pavement- preventing children walking past. I should also add it obstructs my front driveway and dropped kerb; however I rarely use it and is does not concern me.


I also have doubts that the parking restrictions will ever be enforced; I rarely witness enforcement officers in the road enforcing the ‘ no waiting at any time’ and ‘zig-zag’ restrictions currently. It is this unlawful parking that causes danger to children and exacerbates congestion, not necessarily the status quo.


Consequently, I would make the following recommendations.


1, Do not restrict the west side of ASHBURNHAM ROAD, therefore allowing Sandling School staff to retain the custom of parking close to the school and provide a natural restriction to force traffic to slow down as it approaches the school.

2, Extend the ‘zig-zag’ markings on the west side by an additional 10 metres in order to further encourage no waiting during specified times and allow ease of access into RAYMER ROAD at times of congestion.

3, Place ‘no waiting at any time’ restrictions on the east side, extending to the existing restrictions north and south, of ASHBURNHAM ROAD to prevent inconsiderate parking that prevents delivery and coach access to the school.

4, Extend ‘no waiting at any time’ restriction on the DOWNS VIEW ROAD further north (about 15 metres) from the existing restrictions SANDLING LANE to allow cars to pass queuing traffic waiting to exit onto SANDLING LANE. Continue with the proposed restrictions for the remaining section of road.

5, Consider placing (attractive) bollards at the edge of the footway at the corner of RAYMER ROAD and ASHBURNHAM ROAD to prevent waiting. This will allow children to not only use the footpath without obstruction, but also to cross with full view of the road and allow traffic to exit RAYMER ROAD without obstructing vehicles entering. (I have considered placing large white-painted rag stone blocks on the pavement myself).


Sir, I therefore respectfully request that the proposal is reviewed and my observations taken into account. I write to you with impartial views and the expert opinion of a serving police officer – a fact I do not wish publicised. I accept the inconvenience of the current parking situation and congestion, but I also see the need to improve it.  




The proposal is designed to manage the current parking demand in the area,  after a site meeting with Local Councillors, representatives from the School and KCC due to the ongoing problems, mainly at school drop-off and collection times.


Reducing commuter parking ect will create more availability to park and thus reduce congestion; however any restrictions implemented within residents area will inevitable have an adverse effect on those residents.


Vehicle migration may also occur, however this will be monitored, and if necessary further restrictions may need to be considered, although this will need to be managed carefully to reduce the impact on residents.


KCC did investigate the erection of bollards near the school access however this proved to be difficult due to the drive accesses.


Councillor Jenni Paterson

4 The Hedges, Penenden Heath, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 2JW

The proposed restrictions will lead to the displacement of vehicles into surrounding roads which do not benefit from any road traffic restrictions, giving rise to considerable inconvenience to the people who live there. Hillary Rd, Bannister Rd and The Hedges already suffer from all day commuter parking with no spare capacity as you will be aware. The consequence will inevitably be that any displaced vehicles will be parked in the number of unadopted roads in the surrounding area.

Down Rd, an unadopted road off Downs View Rd. has suffered for years from inconsiderate parking and additional wear and tear to the road surface and verges to the dismay of residents.

Whilst the safety of children is paramount Sandling School seems to have done little over the years to attempt to address a problem which is partly of their making.



John Street

   Objection 4

Support 1









D & B Hall

32 Thornhill Place, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 2SE

We are writing this letter to express our utter disbelief and objection to the proposed parking changes t John Street (waiting restrictions order no 30 order 2015). If the planned changes go ahead and the single yellow lines get changed to double, where will the residents who rely on these parking spaces after 5pm and weekend park?  There are not enough  spaces as it is, is the council going to provide alternative parking as this scheme will mean we  lose around 10 spaces. My husband and I have lived here for 18 years now over the years things have changed originally the parking was free, bays have been reduced in size and more disabled bays have appeared, we understand this but what about the other residents? We pay quite happily each year for our parking permit and visitors permit but it now seems what for? We should be able to park in the area we live other wise how can you charge for something you cannot provide.  There are certain residents who do not have permits such as the large red home serve van who has caused continuous problems with our rubbish being collected, he just takes a chance and moves the van, how is this fair? We don’t feel there is a problem and my neighbour 34 has spoken to a parking attendant who felt there was not a parking problem and rarely an issue, we feel this is another money making scheme by the council to draw in more revenue, as this parking restriction will make it even easier to ticket more and more cars, I hope these plans do not go ahead as it make parking even more stressful than usual it also alters your life, you have to think about going out later in the evening as if you have a space in the day the likely hood of getting a space when you return is practically impossible which is when the single yellow line is helpful, we hope that enough protest as all neighbours feel very strongly about this issue.






N & J Strian

34 Thornhill Place, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 2SE

I am writing this letter to express my utter disgust and objection to the proposed parking changes t John Street (waiting restrictions order no 30 order 2015). If planned changes go ahead and the single yellow lines get changed to double, where will the residents who rely on these parking spaces after 5pm and weekend park? Is the council going to provide other parking spaces as we will lose around 10 spaces? I feel this is a blatant money making scheme on the councils part, the council know the residents will be forced to park in said areas as there is not enough parking spaces now. With things as they are there is at least one space to park in the area when I get home in the evening or weekends. There will be no legal parking at all if the plans go ahead and I feel that the £100 we pay for 2 residents and visitors permits will be an utter waste of money as I won’t be able to park. I may as well take my changes and not bother paying for permits and hope for the best as I will be forced to park on double yellows so what’s the point of paying £100 for a permit when I’m going to get parking fines anyway.

I don’t feel there is an issue with things as they are, I even spoke to a parking attendant in John Street to gauge his opinion on it and he said he felt there was no need to do this as parking was not an issue on the road. I’ve also spoke to a number of residents and they obviously feel the same as me, I just hope they express there disgust too. I hope these plans do not go ahead as it will make living in an area that I love living in a nightmare and to top it off it will also make selling up harder too


The proposal is designed to manage the current parking demand in the area and migration of vehicles may occur, however this will be monitored, and if necessary further restrictions may need to be considered, although this will need to be managed carefully to reduce the impact on residents.



Mr Timothy Leek


I am writing to object to

John Street; DYL, South-west side, From its junction with Peel Street for a distance of 23 metres in a south-easterly direction, From a point 30 metres south-east of its junction with Peel Street to its north- west junction with Thornhill Place, From its north-west junction with Hardy Street for a distance of 8.5 metres in a north-westerly direction, From its south-eastern junction with Hardy Street for a distance of 12 metres in a south-easterly direction, From its junction with Boxley Road for a distance of 11 metres in a North-westerly direction.

The reasons for my objection are that:

1. There is not enough parking in John Street at present. The single yellow lines are filled with parked cars every evening and weekend, so removing this facility would effectively halve the on street parking for residents after 5pm and on Sundays.

2. There is no other parking currently available in this area. There are no reasonable sized car parks for residents and currently not sufficient parking for residents.

3. The council’s communication of these proposed plans has been inadequate. There have been few signs and no other information given to residents. It would also be helpful if residents had the option to respond to this planning notice using email or through a website.

4. There is no reason stated for the proposed changes, nor has there been any consultation with the residents regarding this planning notice that I am aware of.

5. Residents currently have to pay to park in the form of parking permits. To overload the current parking bays would not be good value for money.

I look forward to your response and would appreciate a receipt to confirm my objections have been received (please feel free to use email).



Dr Alex Gaskill

1 John Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 2SG

Re. The Kent County Council (Borough of Maidstone) Waiting Restrictions Order (Variation No. 30) Order 2015


I would like to object to the above waiting restrictions order.


The grounds for my objections are as follows:


  • I am a resident on John Street and there is already very limited parking on John Street and the surrounding roads.
  • There are more residents/vehicles than there are spaces available.
  • Due to the insufficient parking in the area with the current parking restrictions, drivers often park too close to other vehicles. This often leads to damage of vehicles and sometimes means that people are blocked in. I regularly come out to my car to find that it has been scratched and have been late for work on occasions where I have been blocked in by others. I have also witnessed a number of heated arguments between people due to damage to vehicles or being blocked in.
  • The current difficulties with parking understandably increase stress levels in residents and I know that I often become anxious about whether I am going to be able to park on the return from my journeys.
  • I rely on parking on the single yellow lines when I return from work, as all of the bays are full. I currently pay for a residents and visitors parking permit and am very rarely able to park in a bay, due to the high volume of residents with cars and the limited parking. I am therefore already not receiving the service I am paying for.
  • The current parking is so difficult that people put up their own signs, put out cones to reserve places, and there is a man with a garage next to me, who has painted his own double yellow line that extends beyond the access to his garage.
  • In a recent incident, the man who has painted his own double yellow line became very aggressive towards me and my boyfriend, when I parked with a wheel over his painted line. Although I was not causing an obstruction to his garage, he repeatedly banged on my door in a very aggressive manner at 8am. He was then verbally aggressive and assaulted my boyfriend when we tried to explain that I was not causing an obstruction and I had only parked there because there was nowhere else for me to park.
  • If the proposal of prohibiting waiting at all times on the locations suggested is approved this is going to make an already unmanageable situation worse. People will be forced to either park illegally or will have to park a long way away from their house.
  • I am Clinical Psychologist and part of my role involves being “On Call”, which involves assessing young people who have deliberately harmed themselves or have taken overdoses and are often at risk of suicide. It is important that I am able to get to my car quickly in the event of a crisis. If I have to walk a long distance to get to my car, this will delay my journey and will affect the quality of care that young people and their families receive.


I hope that you take my grounds for objection into consideration.


If you would like any further information then please do not hesitate to get in contact with me on 0779 3752 086.



Councillor Jenni Paterson

4 The Hedges, Penenden Heath, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 2JW

I do have concerns about the extension of the double yellow lines from the junction of Peel Street and the consequential effect this will have not only on customer / delivery parking for Peel Street Stores and the fish and chip shop opposite but also the reduction of much needed residential parking.


I hope these observations are constructive in reaching the final decisions which local residents will live with on a daily basis.



Councillor Ian Chittenden


I fully support the St. johns street proposal Some of the corners in that are are almost impossible to go round when everyone parks at night.










    High Street, Marden Bays              High Street, Marden Restrictions

   Objection 2


Comment 2

   Objection 1






Ms Lorna Green

The Old Seed Shop, High Street, Marden, Kent, TN12 9DP

With reference to the proposed on the above in changing the parking to 4 hour waiting bays in the High Street of Marden. I strongly object to the change in parking due to living and working at the above address for which I and several residents would be affected.

It would be very difficult for me to keep moving the car while in a consultation with a customer. The only other place is the car park behind the library which is being filled up with commuters and they also use the High Street instead of the station car park. I have children so it is much more helpful if my car is near my house and not a few minutes’ walk away. It would not be possible for me to move my car 4 hours later if I have travelled by train somewhere or travelled with someone else, which I do sometimes. I can see there is a need for a disabled parking spot for the chemist and the hairdressers older clients.

If you also brought back the restriction time in the library car park to stop commuters parking that might help or to give residents permits to park. Another issue is that on the corner by The Unicorn near me, there should be a drop in speed limits as I have seen school children coming off the school bus with almost fatalities due to people not dropping their speed on the corner. I have had a few near misses with my children and had to cross over further towards the farm shop.



Stuart Nicholls

Marden Pharmacy

2 High Street Marden

I realise that the appeal date for the above has passed, but the above notice which was not placed in a very obvious place has just been brought to my attention.

At Marden Pharmacy we offer a free daily prescription service to house bound patients in the area and run a van for this purpose which we park outside the pharmacy. If the above proposal goes ahead this service will have to stop and presumably social services will have to make arrangements for these patients to get their medicines.

Furthermore, we employ pharmacists from outside the area as none are available locally; they need to have their cars available for emergency visits and deliveries to patients so on call provision would be made impossible.

I know parking issues are a problem and suggest that if the restriction is to go ahead the pharmacy is allowed a permit to overcome the above problem.



The proposed bays will have a waiting limit of 4 hours which therefore should not adversely affect the delivery service.


Staff could park with the village car park which is only a short walk from the pharmacy.











Mr William Welby

I am writing to object to the proposal to place double yellow lines outside the post office in high street marden


I have been the postmaster in marden since september  1993 and during that period there have never been any serious vehicle related problems with the road outside and when we are in the post office counter area we are looking out at the road all day long.




The placing of double yellow lines outside the post office would probably finish our business all together as well as causing problems for a lot of our customers, it is hard enough making a living these days in a small post office business as it is.


We are both a newsagent and post office as it is very difficult for a small business to survive as just a post office


In the morning we rely a great deal on passing trade i.e. Customers stopping on their way to work to buy a paper and other items, this makes up a large proportion of our trade, double yellow lines would kill of all this trade.


Also a large number of elderly people in the area often with mobility problems are dropped off outside the post office by friends and relatives to collect their pensions, pay bills or draw cash, in many cases this is their only outing of the week and double yellow lines would stop this practice as well, most only stop for a short period, as we un an efficient counter service.


Recently the high street was resurfaced and for about a week there were no road marking at all and during that period no vehicle related problems arose.


We already have a single yellow line outside the post office and i am asking you not make it a double line which will help to ensure the survival of the marden post office, as you probably know Post Office ltd are making it hard for postmasters to survive these days with village sub post offices disappearing all the time, without other influences putting another nail in the sub post office coffin.


I hope you will cancel this proposal and leave things as they are.




Mr William Welby


I am writing in response to your proposal Designated Parking Places Order (variation no 11) order 2015 in high street marden.


I have lived in the High street now for over 20 years and have used the area for parking as it is the only place in the high street we can now park because of other parking restrictions.i.e the half hour restriction between 1330 and 1400.


I realise this measure is probably to stop commuters parking all day in this area, however for the sake of a odd commuter parking there you are penalising the local residents who will be left now with no unrestricted high street parking.


We have a local car park but it is usually full and no one would want to leave a car parked there over night because of local vandals.


The only option you are leaving us is to park outside other people’s houses on nearby housing areas, an option which would only cause complaints from residents there.


If you are going ahead with this proposal ( which i hope you do not),could you provide local residents in the high street with permits to override these parking restrictions on both sides of the High street, ( which would also stop the problem of commuter parking.)




Ms Jane Stevens and Mr Neil Campbell

The Old Sweet Shop, High Street, Marden, Kent.

Regarding the proposed parking restrictions Marden: designated parking places order (variation no.11) order 2015.


We live in Marden High Street where there are four businesses and four residences. There is a parking layby in front of the eight properties and the new order proposes that a parking restriction be put in place whereby parking between 8.00am and 6.30pm is restricted to a four hour period with no return within one hour.


Firstly, we are very pleased that Maidstone Borough Council is aware of the parking problems that do exist in Marden and has put forward a series of integrated proposals throughout the village. In the past, further problems have arisen after new parking restrictions were put in place as they were not fully integrated; the new integrated proposals are very sensible.


There is currently a problem with commuter parking as some commuters, who live outside the village, are using both the village car park and on-street parking which is unfair to both businesses and residents. When I have spoken to them, they have demonstrated no consideration for those who live and work in the village, including the disabled and elderly, and so we realise that restrictions seem to be the only answer. It is upsetting to see a commuter car parked outside our houses and shops for many house making it well-nigh impossible for elderly residents who have limited mobility use the barber shop. My own father had great mobility difficulties and when he visits, my mother need to park close to our house.


There is also a problem with visitors to the bowls club who seem reluctant to use the village car park and who often park in the parking layby in the High Street or on the street for hours on end much to the inconvenience of local residents and shopkeepers. It is frustrating to see the village car park virtually empty at weekends at the same time as the High Street is crammed for hours with cars belonging to visitors to the bowls club.


We do also welcome the proposal to have marked parking bays in the parking layby in front of our houses as it is frequently annoying when looking for a parking space to see vehicles badly parking thus limiting the number of parking spaces. The proposed yellow lines on the corner in front of the post office are also a very good idea; it is often extremely dangerous when cars park there as it limits visibility for both approaching vehicles and pedestrians.


The only further comment that we would like to make is a plea for parking permits for those who live in the High Street for when the restrictions come into place. I know that a similar system operates in Staplehurst where there has also been a problem with commuter parking. There are several reasons for this request:


1.   We could also end up with the situation that if we went on holiday by train (as we did earlier this summer) then we would have to get someone to move out car to the library car park and then back to the High Street every day or face daily parking fines which is clearly ridiculous (and not good for the environment either).

2.   Although we both work, when we have a day off we often use public transport to travel to a nearby town such as Tunbridge Wells. If we could not leave our car at home, we would have to travel always by car thus adding to the congestion on the roads. I need a car as it is not possible to travel to work by public transport; when we moved here thirteen years ago we made the decision to have only one car as despite there being enough space outside our house for two vehicles, we realised that parking places would be limited.

3.   We do sometimes have a builder, plumber or electrician come to do work on the house and they need to park closely as they have heavy equipment which they need to fetch throughout the day. It would not be practicable for them to park in the car park and they would be able to use our parking permit for the day.

4.   Two of our neighbours have babies and toddlers. It would be dangerous for them to leave the children alone whilst they re-park their car after four hours.


Therefore, while we do genuinely welcome some integrated thinking regarding parking in the village, we hope that it will not simply make a bad situation worse by penalising residents and businesses. Hence as a minimum, we do request that any changes are accompanied by granting at least one residents permit per property (whether commercial or domestic) exempting a designated vehicle from the restrictions.


We realise there is no ‘magic wand’ and that the centre of the village evolved before the motor car but your new proposals coupled with parking permits do seem the best way forward.












Heathfield Road


Support 2

Comment 1


Ms Christine Maxwell

17 Heathfield Road, Penenden Heath, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 2AD

I am writing to state my support for the proposal to prohibit waiting at all times (using double yellow lines) at the eastern end of Heathfield Road. These yellow lines will run directly along the northern perimeter of my residence and I am fully supportive of this proposal.



Mr Samuel Maxwell

17 Heathfield Road, Penenden Heath, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 2AD



I am writing to state my support for the proposal to prohibit waiting at all times (using double yellow lines) at the eastern end of Heathfield Road. These yellow lines will run directly along the northern perimeter of my residence and I am fully supportive of this proposal.



Councillor Jenni Paterson

4 The Hedges, Penenden Heath, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 2JW

As this road is used as a rat-run to avoid the Penenden Heath mini roundabout I would have thought that the removal of parked cars other than at junctions (for safety) would only increase the speed of vehicles using it and the lack of obstructions would add to the useage of this road as a quick shortcut. A consequence of which will be additional traffic at the junction with Boxley Road where the visibility is limited, likewise traffic coming the other way and increasing the amount of vehicles exiting onto the difficult junction at Penenden Heath Rd.














St. Laurence Avenue


Objection 1




Mr Antony Proctor

Following my discussion with Jamie Baker (Parking Operations) I write to object to the plan to implement double yellow lines to St Laurence Avenue, Twenty Twenty Industrial Estate.  I have pasted details of the relevant County Council proposal below (Variation 30).  Thank you for taking this feedback as agreed on 17 August.


I object to the plan because of the following:


·         The company (Allsands) that requested the change no longer uses the road.

·         The plot of land previously occupied by Allsands is vacant.  It seems unlikely that the new tenant will request the same change.

·         The change described to me by Jamie is for double yellow lines to run 30 metres east and 15 metres west from the junction with St Barnabas avenue.  This is not near to the ex-Allsands plot or gates.

·         St Laurence Avenue (south side) is used by workers and visitors for most of the businesses on the street.

·         There are rare times when the street is full of vehicles on the south side.  Removing almost 45 metres of parking space would result in this becoming a frequent occurrence.

·         When the south side of the street has no parking space available cars park on the pavement of the north side of the street.  This reduces safety, visibility and space for pedestrians using the street.

·         The street is used by heavy goods vehicles which will not benefit from the proposed double yellow line, however will be affected by trying to drive through a chicane of cars.

·         The heavy goods vehicles could cause damage as they try to move through cars parked on both sides of the street.

·         The limited visibility of having a narrow use-able road section could result in injury to vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians.


Please do not implement these double yellow lines to St Laurence Avenue.  It does not seem to be of benefit to anyone.  It may cause a safety risk to vulnerable roads users and damage risk to cars.  It will reduce the parking available to businesses that currently use the road. 


I would be happy to discuss these points in more detail.  I would be grateful if you could confirm the timescale for consultation and planning of changes.



I can confirm that the initial request to place restriction in this location was received from the company that no longer reside at the address, as the restrictions are no longer required as the property is currently unoccupied and due the difficulties the placing of the restrictions could create we will no longer proceed with the proposal.










Sandling Road




Comment 1


Mr Daniel Brown

There is a notice on our street advising of a change to the parking restrictions, on the single yellow lines (hours are being changed and Saturday restrictions applied on the Western side of Sandling Road, Parking here is generally very difficult at weekends and with events on at the football ground, and whilst I agree that the yellow lines are needed, this is where most o the residents have to park at weekends. I can see it working better if the resident bays were made resident only at all times and yellow lines, 5 min waiting. I want to discuss this but have no idea who to talk to.



Mr Daniel Brown (SAME AS ABOVE)

Thanks for the info.

I really can’t understand why any resident would not want the resident scheme enforced 24hr. Ive lived here 20 years and never once spoken to anyone of that opinion since this system was forced on us and promised that it would be free.

There are no businesses in Sandling Road that would need more than 5 min parking here, and most of those are open only in the evenings, so the extra pressure this is going to put on the resident bays is inevitable especially early evening/morning.

The double yellow lines on the southern end is a good idea.


I’d like to know the reasoning behind changing a system (eastern single yellows) that has worked well enough for 15 years?

It is the evening parking habits of the many delivery drivers for the takeaways, parking on the junctions, double yellows as well as speeding and the chaos caused by the football matches that really needs to be addressed, not the odd shopper wandering the mile into town on a Saturday afternoon.

Also none of it will be enforceable if the Hedge is allowed to grow over the signs as it has over the last 10 years.


I am part of a Resident group where this has been discussed and 100% of that people in that group specific to Sandling Road are against this change, If our opinion is not worth considering now because of historical results (I’d also be interested to see the data) when is it going to be important?


Sadly I can see the residents being the only losers here as usual.


























We have no plans to change the current residents parking to residents only, we did however put forward  a proposal to change the waiting times  in North 1 in 2013 however not approved due to objections received, we did however change the upper section of Sandling Road to 30 mins as this was supported.

We also have no record of any other correspondence received