26 NOVEMBER 2015


Gambling Act 2005 Statement of Licensing Principles 2016-2019

Issue for Decision

Maidstone Borough Council is the Licensing Authority under the provisions of the Gambling Act 2005 (the Act). The Council is required to produce a Statement of Gambling Principles to demonstrate how applications under the Act will be dealt with. The Act requires that the Licensing Authority publish its Statement of Licensing Principles at least every three years. The date for publishing is on or before the 31 January 2016.


Recommendation Made

That Council adopt the Draft Gambling Act 2005 Statement of Licensing Principles 2016-2019.

Reason for Recommendation

The authority needs to revise the current policy to meet statutory requirements, ensure coverage of the changes in the legislation and to set out how the Authority intends to approach its licensing responsibilities; in particular what it expects from management of different types of licensed premises in their business activities.


By being open and transparent in the approach taken in administering the licensing regime the public can see the efficiency of the service and have confidence in the decision making process.


A comprehensive policy will improve the consistency in delivering the service and will better inform applicants of the licensing process in an open and transparent way. This will contribute towards providing a better customer service. This document will be in place until the further revision is completed which will incorporate the recently published Gambling Commission Guidance.


Alternatives Considered


No alternatives were considered. It is a legislative requirement that the policy be reviewed at least every three years, and that a public consultation is carried out. Failure to review and adopt the Statement of Gambling Principles would result in the Council failing to comply with legislation and risk of challenge to any decisions made based upon an out dated Statement.


Background Papers