Strategic Priority: Securing a successful economy for Maidstone

Priority Action: Planning for sufficient homes to meet our borough’s needs






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Housing strategy 2015-2020 Action Plan


Delivers the council’s vision for the delivery of new housing across the public and private sector markets, the improvement of the existing housing in Maidstone Borough and tackling key issues such as homelessness and assisting the most vulnerable members of our community.

Milestones to be confirmed following agreement of the Housing Strategy April 2016-2020.


Acquisition of property – March 2017

Everyone having access to affordable, decent housing.

John Littlemore

Empty Homes strategic action plan

To address the issue of bringing empty homes back into use, giving consideration to the amendments proposed in the Housing & Planning Bill, as it goes through Parliament to become legislation in 2016, that will make it easier to use existing powers.

Review Strategy – September 2016


Adopt new Strategy – Match 2017


Care home (not yet named) initiative – July 2016


Empty properties brought back into use to provide homes for families in housing need

John Littlemore

The delivery of the Homelessness Action Plan

To increase the number of homeless cases that are prevented, this will be a challenging but highly important aspect of the Services focus in 2016/17 in order

Under development  - to be confirmed

Where possible prevent homelessness and where this unavoidable  a reduction in the time spent by families temporary accommodation

John Littlemore

Affordable Housing Programme


We will continue to attract significant external investment to enable the delivery of over 160 new affordable homes including affordable rent, shared ownership and Starter Homes. In addition the Council will through direct intervention embark on a programme of delivering its own housing.

Deliver starter homes scheme – 2020


March 2018 – delivery of more than 300 affordable homes


April 2018 – Begin delivery of programme of affordable rented accommodation.



Different housing products available to meet the change of income levels.

John Littlemore



Strategic Priority: Securing a successful economy for Maidstone and Keeping Maidstone Borough an attractive place for all

Priority Action: Planning for sufficient homes to meet our borough’s needs and Encouraging Good Health and Well Being






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Housing Assistance Policy

Guides the Council to use its resources to improve or tackle instances of poor housing on people’s health and well-being.

Review and update housing assistance policy – October 2016.


May 2016 – Complete stock condition survey


To determine the number of properties for improvement following review of outcome from stock condition survey – October 2016

Reduction on the negative impact of poor housing on people’s health and well-being.

John Littlemore






Strategic Priority: Keeping Maidstone Borough an attractive place for all

Priority Action: Providing a clean and safe environment





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Safer Maidstone Partnership Strategic Assessment


Working with a range of partners including Police and Probation services to reduce crime and Anti-Social Behaviour and support the Government’s PREVENT programme and raise awareness of child safeguarding


Adoption of Safeguarding Policy – July 2016

Maidstone is a safer place to live and visit.


Minimise child exploitation.

John Littlemore

Review of Licensing Policies

Following implementation of taxi and private hire policy and licensing policy complete remaining reviews.

Review Gambling Act Policy – November 2016 (in line with MBC procedures this will involve consultation, evaluation and then the Policy will be agreed and implemented).

Maidstone has a set of procedures and practices that promote safe and good quality services around those trades.

John Littlemore

Waste and Recycling Strategy

Implementing of the Waste and recycling strategy till 2019 to meet EU and local targets.

Complete review of uptake of food waste challenge – April 2016


Development of the Action Plan for the short and medium term – April 2016


Review household waste collection services including freighter and bulky service – April 16


Implementation of action plan June  2016 – April 2017

A minimum of 50% recycling rate by 2019

Jennifer Shepherd

Depot Services Development Plan

Identifies various strands of new income-generating and cost-saving projects, from Depot based services.


Consider feasibility of all potential projects – April 2016


Identify viable projects – ongoing from May 2016

A more financially efficient and commercial service

Jennifer Shepherd

Low Emission Strategy

The Low Emission Strategy will set out actions that we as a district council can have most influence over in addressing poor air quality where it exists.


Adoption – June 2016


Implement Action plan - TBC

Maidstone contributes towards cleaner air.

John Littlemore

Environmental enforcement Strategy

Developing new aspects to our current practices.

Increase in FPN littering and dog fouling charges – April 16


Draft new youth littering engagement programmes – May 16


Developing a coherent analysis of all environmental data – July 16

Greater awareness and reduction in incidences of environmental crime

Jennifer Shepherd

Street Cleansing Mobile Technology Development Plan


improving and expanding upon the existing software functionality and reach of current street cleansing technology

Undertake Bin Audit borough wide – March 16


Implementation of Bin Audit review action plan – July 16


Explore opportunities for dynamic tasking of street cleansing operatives  - July 16


Adoption of vehicle asset management systems- Sept16

More agile and efficient workforce

Jennifer Shepherd

MBC Commercial Waste Service


Identifying a future growth strategy

Achieve 350 business customers – April 16


Glass feasibility collection study – Sept 16


Food waste collection feasibility study – Jan 2017 

Growth in business the commercial waste service

Jennifer Shepherd




Strategic Priority: Keeping Maidstone an attractive place for all

Priority Action: Encouraging Good Health and Wellbeing






Responsible Owner

Affordable energy Strategy

Delivering actions to improve the energy efficiency of properties of the borough

Under development – To be Confirmed

Increased number of energy efficient homes in the borough.  Residents’ bills reduced for more cost effective living.

John Littlemore

Health and Well Being Action Plan

Street level intervention to provide practical solutions to improve individual’s well being

Under development – To be Confirmed

Areas prevented from worsening

John Littlemore