MEETING 13 January 2016



Item 14: Maidstone Borough Local Plan – Publication (Regulation 19)


Recommendation 1: That the Strategic Planning, Sustainability and Transportation Committee approves the insertion of the attached indicative Housing Trajectory into Appendix A of the Maidstone Borough Local Plan (Publication) 2016 document (Agenda, page 567).


The 20-year housing trajectory is an indicative graph showing past and projected dwelling completions, year by year, against an agreed objectively assessed housing need of 18,560 dwellings over the local plan period 2011 to 2031.  It is important to note that the attached housing trajectory is a work-in-progress and will not be the version used for examination of the local plan: the trajectory will be updated with the benefit of the 2015/16 housing land survey.


The draft housing trajectory illustrates the phasing of the figures set out in Table 4.1 of the local plan “Meeting objectively assessed housing need” (Agenda, pages 299/ 300), namely, the total number of dwellings for each of the following components of housing land supply:


·         Homes completed between 1 April 2011 and 31 March 2015 (the base date of the housing land supply survey);

·         Dwellings on sites with extant planning permissions that have yet to be implemented, i.e. those not started or under construction as at 1 April 2015;

·         Dwellings on sites that have been granted planning permission between 1 April 2015 and 30 November 2015;

·         Dwellings on sites that have been approved subject to Section 106 Agreements at 30 November 2015;

·         Housing development sites allocated in the Maidstone Borough Local Plan (Publication) 2016;

·         Broad locations for housing growth identified in the Maidstone Borough Local Plan (Publication) 2016; and

·         An allowance for windfall sites from 2022 to 2031.