Enc. 3 for Mayoralty and Civic Ceremony Review

Civic and Mayoral Events Survey – August 2011



Mayor Making - Do you have a similar event?

Annual Civic Parade – Do you have Parade or Service

Garden Party – Do you have one and do you charge?

Remembrance Sunday – Do you have a similar event?

Other Civic Events – do you hold other events?

Mayor’s Roles and Responsibilities – do you have something similar?


Our event consists of the Mayor’s breakfast, which all Councillors are invited to attend, held prior to the Civic Service and followed by the Annual Meeting in the Council Chamber.  This involves gifts for outgoing and incoming Mayors including a past Mayor’s Badge and a gift for the new Deputy Mayor. 


Our event consists of a Freedom Parade for 36 Royal Engineers (Search) with various other retired military and civilian contingents who parade to Church for a service followed by a buffet for Councillors and Senior Army personnel at the Archbishops Palace.


Our event consists of afternoon cream tea and Pimms for approximately 180 guests made up of Members, Civic dignitaries, Parish Chairman and Mayor’s personal guests.

Our event consists of a Parade with 36 Engineer Regiment (Search), retired military and civil contingents with a Service at the war memorial followed by a reception for members and dignitaries at the Town Hall




Our Mayor:

·    Represents the Council at all civic and ceremonial events such as the Civic Parade and Royal visits.

·    Presides at full Council.

·    Promotes the Borough whilst attending events such as opening of new businesses, parks and playgrounds.

·    Represents the Council at events such as the Queen’s Garden Party and at Beauvais Town Twinning.

·    Engages with the community accepting invitations to visit schools, hospitals, voluntary bodies for example.

Does your authority do something similar and are there things you do that we have not touched upon.


We hold our Annual Council Meeting and Mayor Making Ceremony on a Monday evening in May at the Broadstairs Pavilion. This also involves past Mayor’s badge and usually a gift for Mayor’s Secretary and possibly others that have helped the Mayor through the year. The meeting is followed by refreshments.


We charge guests to attend the Garden Party as it is a fund raising event in aid of the Mayor’s charities.  We would arrange refreshments ie sandwiches and either cake or fruit and cream.

Usually approx 100 people.  Mayor’s, Chairman, Organisations and General Public are invited.  We would also do a raffle.

We hold a Service at the War Memorial plus wreath laying by uniformed groups and organisations.

Tea, coffee and biscuits are served in the hall for everyone that attended the Service.



We hold a Civic Service during the Mayoral year followed by a reception. Everyone invited.



Similar to MBC


Our Mayor making is a GAC Meting only plus the Mayor Making

With a buffet at the end

Past Mayors Badge/Flowers for the Mayoress




All councillors’ are invited plus the local church and cadets at the end a cup of tea at the acacia hall  (that’s all folks)



Similar to MBC


Faversham’s Annual Mayor Making takes place during a Monday evening in early May.  After the appointment of the new Mayor, speeches take place and the new Mayor will appoint his or her Charity and the outgoing Mayor will award the cheque (if appropriate) to whatever had been their Charity during their mayoralty.  Bouquets are given to staff and special guests by local brownies who then, in return, will receive a small gift from the new Mayor.  A reception is then held with a finger buffet for those present.  A Civic Service is held on the following Sunday attended by the Mayor and Members of the Town Council – no visitors are usually invited.




The Mayor and Members of the Town Council attend a short service at the War Memorial also attended by local military and civil contingents.  A full service follows at the local Parish Church and the Mayor hold a small reception in the Mayor’s Parlour afterwards for invited dignitaries’.


The Mayor invites civic dignitaries’ for a Carnival Reception and supper for which a charge is applied.


Yes – our Mayor’s role is the same, representing the town of Faversham rather than the Borough


Gravesham just has Annual Council.  This involves gifts for outgoing and incoming Mayors including a past Mayor’s Badge and a gift for the new Deputy Mayor. 


Gravesham has an Annual Civic Service on the first Sunday after Annual Council.  Used to be a large Parade to the church consisting of retired military contingents, councillors youth organisations, school children etc but has now dwindled down to a few councillors and military personnel with drinks and nibbles back at the Mayor’s Parlour.


Yes we do have a Garden Party and we do not charge quests to attend.  We invite Councillors, Civic dignitaries, Parish Chairman, Past Mayors, Freeman and Mayor’s guests which consist of members of the charity organisations the Mayor is supporting and Directors of GBC.


Same as MBC


Mayor’s Retiring Dinner held on the Friday before Annual Council. All Councillors are invited.


New Year Civic Service held on the first Sunday in January.  All Councillors, staff are invited.


Same as MBC




The Mayor is elected at 12.00 noon and gifts are given to the Vicar, the outgoing Mayoress /Escort and staff.  The meeting is then adjourned until 6.45 pm that evening.  A buffet is then served to Councillors, invited guests and staff.


Civic Sunday is usually 6 weeks after the election of the new Mayor and comprises a Church Service, Parade and sit-down luncheon for Councillors, Past Mayors and invited guests.



In the same vein as yours.



In the same vein as yours with the addition of attending Armistice Day at Hythe’s Twin Town of Berck-sur-Mer in France.



Our Mayor Making was restructured 2 years ago.  Annual Council now takes the form of a ‘normal’ council meeting at St Georges (our usual council chamber) but we have all civic regalia out and we also decorate the room with floral displays.  It is open to the public, but we no longer invite the huge civic guest list.  The Mayor Elect is allowed to invite a handful of guests and we provide some drinks and nibbles post event.  Outgoing Mayor and Mayoress receive a past Mayor’s Badge and incoming Mayors Chaplain receives a scroll.  Both outgoing and incoming Mayoress /Consorts and Deputy Mayoress/ Consorts receive flower arrangements / button holes (as appropriate).


Our Civic parade is our Dedication Service.  It is usually held about a month after Annual Council.  This is the event we invite all civic guests to, including Chains.  We have a Civic Procession to the Cathedral for a service, and then a 2-course sit-down luncheon is provided afterwards at the Corn Exchange.  Although a Senior Representative from the REs and Navy are invited, there is not any armed forces participation in the procession.


Refreshments and venue are the choice of the Mayor – but it is usually a light buffet - and the guest list is approx 120.  Group Leaders nominate a selection of their Members, Medway Directors nominate 3 staff per directorate, and the rest is made up of a selection from our Civic Guest List (this includes the Chain Gang), past Mayors, representatives from the Mayor’s charities and Mayor’s personal guests.


We have 4 main services I co-ordinate with.  RBL organise the service at Rochester Cathedral, which is our biggest service – the Mayor, Chief Exec and Leader all attend and Councillors are also invited to attend.  The service is followed by a parade through the High Street to the war memorial outside the Cathedral where the wreath laying happens.  Medway Council hosts a reception for all participants post parade at the Corn Exchange.

The Deputy Mayor attends the RBL service in Gillingham.

Labour Group Leader attends the service in Chatham.

Conservative nominee attends the service in Rainham.

Liberal Democrat nominee attends the service in Brompton.


June - Armed Forces Day – organised by our events team as opposed to this office and includes march past with salute from LL and Mayor, drumhead service in Castle Gardens and refreshments

July – Admiralty Court and Admirals Cruise – in honour of the Mayor’s position as Admiral of the River we host this annual Court in conjunction with ROFF (Rochester Oyster Floating Fishery) and then host both an up and down river cruise in conjunction with RCC (Rochester Cruising Club).  We also hold memorial service afloat for Bulwark and Montgomery.  Civic guests are neighbouring Mayors and Councillors.

November – French POW Memorial – a small service at St Georges to remember the French POWs.  A contingent from the French Embassy usually attend and past Mayors are invited.  A small reception is hosted afterwards.


As above, although we are twinned with Valenciennes, Ito and Yokosuka.

·     Greet CO’s of visiting RN ships who dock at Chatham.

·     Until her decommissioning this year, to represent the Council at HMS Chatham events – this will reinstate when another HMS Chatham is commissioned.


New Romney

Annual meeting followed by dinner.  .

Councillors and invited dignitaries form up for short procession into church (no parade).  Civic Service followed by luncheon. 



Service and reception held.  Parade optional but hasn’t been held recently.


Same as MBC


Mayor making takes place at the Annual Meeting of Council in May.


Past Mayor’s Badges are given out.


Out-going Mayoress receives a bouquet of flowers.



We have this but not in a specific month. We have Standard Bearers and a band, usually military, invite local community/voluntary groups and the Mayoralty from Kent and the Parade & Service are followed by refreshments in the church hall or at the Custom house.


Not so far but the Council is only two years old.

I work with the Ramsgate Branch of the British Legion on this. I invite the Mayoralty (Kent), military both retired and serving, local schools, community/voluntary groups, past Mayors and many more. There is a parade, wreath laying ceremony, service and refreshments at the RBL club.


For Armistice Day at 11am we have a Town Service and a Church Service plus wreath laying at the 2 memorials (one of these is at 8.45am and the other is combined with the Church service). 


National Holocaust Memorial Day in January which is organised by the Mayor’s office.



All the above and we have a Mayor’s Charity Cttee organising charity events for the Mayor’s annually chosen charities.


Swanscombe & Greenhithe

Annual Meeting includes Mayoral appointment and presentation of Past Mayoral’s badge.




Local church organises Memorial Service at our Memorial and service/refreshments at the church.



Same as MBC


Our Chairman does not organise any of the events listed.






Tunbridge Wells

We have an annual Council meeting (Mayor Making) and Mayor invites guests who are then invited to a reception in the Committee Rooms afterwards (drinks and nibbles).  Past Mayor and Mayoress receive badges and usually give a gift or make a donation of some kind themselves.


There is a Church Service (Civic Service) on another date which the Mayor’s Chaplain organises (we send out the invitations) and there is a reception in the Church Hall afterwards (tea and cakes).


There is not an annual Parade but we have held these in the Past.   Not organised wholly by Mayor’s Office but Events/Leisure Team.


We don’t have a Garden Party but the Mayor hosts a Marquee at Royal Tunbridge Wells Cricket Week and invites around 80 guests on 4 consecutive days.  Full day’s entertainment (morning coffee, salad lunch and afternoon tea/cake).


Each day is themed – Business Day, Volunteers Day, VIP Day and Charity Day.


Yes we organise the Remembrance Sunday Service and Parade at the War Memorial followed by a reception in the Council Chamber at the Town Hall for limited number of guests (approx 120).


The Mayor hosts a Civic Dinner and Dance and around 200 guests attend.


Our Mayor carries out a very similar role.