15.508348 Hockers Farm Urgent Update

Item 18, Page 121                       Hockers Farm, Hockers Lane, Detling




Reference number: 15/508348



Additional representation


A further letter has been received from the Parish Council dated 23rd January 2016 which in summary raises the following objections :


-      The site falls outside of the village envelope and is within an AONB.


-      There is adequate development at Hockers Farm and the village is now being expanded by stealth.  This has been clarified by the Parish Council relating to the gradual increase in size of the village envelope by the inclusion of the Hockers Farm development to the south and this development would result in further encroachment into the AONB and the potential increase in the village envelope.


-      Detling is classed as unsustainable because of its lack of services and most residents use cars to access the village.


-      Additional three dwellings would overload the village streets and increase potential danger.


-      Proposals would be office like and out of keeping with the area.


Recommendation : Grant planning permission as set out in Section 9.0 of the report.