APPENDIX B: Survey of Householders (Results Summary)

This comparison shows that those living near a freighter site will use it whereas those who do not (i.e. Barming) do not travel to another location.  The convenience of the HWRC is clearly demonstrated by the number of people who chose to use this to dispose of waste.

Whilst nearly half of the residents questioned in Vinters Park have continued to use the Saturday Freighter, only 2 indicated they use it twice per year.  The results from Staplehurst and Teston have shown people have changed their behaviour, moving away from the Service.

The majority of the waste taken to the Freighter either should not be accepted via this service i.e. black bag waste, cardboard and textiles, or could be recycled or reused if disposed of via an alternative route i.e. electrical items, wood, metal and furniture.

Overall the HWRC was shown to be used most frequently by residents.  The Bulky Collection Service and Saturday Freighter have similar usage with 9 residents stating they use the Freighter once or twice per year compared to 11 using the Bulky Collection Service.


The graphs above show the reasons why residents choose not to use the Saturday Freighter and Bulky Collection Services.  Additional comments were:

“still have to transport items to the freighter…use BHF & Demelza House charities and small electrical items collected at kerbside” (Freighter)

“It is an eye sore.” (Freighter)

“Don’t want to store waste until the freighter is coming” (Freighter)

“I’m 95 and cannot take items to the freighter” (Freighter)

“use freecycle for items, also John Lewis take away old appliances when delivering the new ones” (Bulky)

“too expensive for just 1 item but good value for 4” (Bulky)

Results from 2014 survey of residents visiting Saturday Freighter