14.505125 Item 15 Faversham Road.docx-SECOND UPDATE

Item 15                                                            8 Faversham Road, Lenham, Kent, ME17 2PN


Urgent update on the committee report for a late representation:

Changes made to the points raised by the objector 

Neighbouring occupier Butcher Cottage objects on the following grounds:

·         The noise from the condenser unit would impact their daily lifestyle.

·         The condenser unit must not be built first and measured afterwards.

·         The objector’s bedroom and bathroom overlooks the site.  

·         The garden of this property is very small and the family spends majority of the time here. The noise from the condenser unit would impact the time spent in the garden amenity space.

·         Information related to the condenser unit is unknown i.e. the duration of its operation.

·         Butcher Cottage is nearest affected property from the proposed condenser unit.

·         The property is 250 years old and was missed from previous council meeting.

Recommendation “Approved with conditions” remains unchanged.