Item 16                             Land at Barty Farm, Roundwell, Bearsted, Kent


Typographical error: The site lies in the Parish of Thurnham.

Correction: the red line plan on the agenda pack is the superseded plan.  The correct one removes the emergency access onto Water Lane and is on the presentation material this evening.

One further resident letter of objection has been received re-emphasising concerns over the proposal to removal the white lines as part of the S278 works. This matter has been addressed in the report on the papers.

Fire & Rescue Service: no further response received

Additional Conditions:


28.The recommendations set out in the acoustic report by Peter Moore Acoustics ref 141101/1 shall be fully adhered to.   Prior to occupation of the dwellings written evidence shall be submitted that the recommendations have been incorporated within the development.

Reason: In the interests of providing a satisfactory environment for future occupants.

29. Details of a scheme to provide sources of renewable energy including solar power and where practical publicly accessible EV charging points ,shall be submitted to the LPA with the application for approval of reserved matters and the approved details shall be implemented before the development is first occupiedReason: In the interests of the environment.

30. If during construction/demolition works evidence of potential contamination is encountered, works shall cease and the site fully assessed to enable an appropriate remediation plan to be developed. Works shall not re-commence until an appropriate remediation scheme has been submitted to, and approved in writing by, the Local Planning Authority and the remediation has been completed.

Upon completion of the building works, this condition shall not be discharged until a closure report has been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The closure report shall include details of;

a) Details of any sampling and remediation works conducted and quality assurance certificates to show that the works have been carried out in full in accordance with the approved methodology.

b) Details of any post-remedial sampling and analysis to show the site has reached the required clean-up criteria shall be included in the closure report together with the necessary documentation detailing what waste materials have been removed from the site.

c) If no contamination has been discovered during the build then evidence to show that no contamination was discovered should be included.


Reason: In the interests of protecting future occupants from contamination.


31. Prior to the commencement of the development a Code of Construction Practice shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The construction of the development shall then be carried out in accordance with the approved Code of Construction Practice and BS5228 Noise Vibration and Control on Construction and Open Sites and the Control of dust from construction sites (BRE DTi Feb 2003) unless previously agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority.

The code shall include:

• An indicative programme for carrying out the works

• Measures to minimise the production of dust on the site(s)

• Measures to minimise the noise (including vibration) generated by the construction process to include the careful selection of plant and machinery and use of noise mitigation barrier(s)

• Maximum noise levels expected 1 metre from the affected faηade of any residential unit adjacent to the site(s)

• Design and provision of site hoardings

• Management of traffic visiting the site(s) including temporary parking or holding areas

• Provision of off road parking for all site operatives

• Measures to prevent the transfer of mud and extraneous material onto the public highway

• Measures to manage the production of waste and to maximise the re-use of materials

• Measures to minimise the potential for pollution of groundwater and surface water

• The location and design of site office(s) and storage compounds

• The location of temporary vehicle access points to the site(s) during the construction works

• The arrangements for public consultation and liaison during the construction works


Reason: In order to ensure the impact of the construction works are minimised in the locality.



And amended condition as follows:

21.The development shall not commence until details of vehicle parking and cycle storage have been submitted and approved in writing. The approved details of parking shall thereafter be kept available for such use. No development, whether permitted by the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 as amended (or any order revoking and re-enacting that Order, with or without modification ) or not, shall be carried out on the areas indicated or in such a position as to preclude vehicular access to them.




1.   No demolition/construction activities shall take place, other than between 0800 to 1800 hours (Monday to Friday) and 0800 to 1300 hours (Saturday) with no working activities on Sunday or Bank Holiday.

2.   The applicant is advised to take note of and refer to the Institute of Lighting Engineers Guidance Notes for the Reduction of Obtrusive Lighting, GN01, dated 2005 (and any subsequent revisions) when submitting details in relation to condition 6.

3.   The applicant/developer should enter into a formal agreement with Southern Water to provide the necessary sewerage infrastructure required to service this development. Please contact Southern Water, Sparrowgrove House, Sparrowgrove, Otterbourne, Hampshire, SO21 2SW. (Tel: 0330 303 0119) or

4.   Should any sewer be found during construction works, an investigation of the sewer will be required to ascertain its condition, the number of properties served, and potential means of access before any further works commence on site. The applicant is advised to discuss the matter with Southern Water, Sparrowgrove House, Sparrowgrove, Otterbourne, Hampshire, SO21 2SW. (Tel: 0330 303 0119) or



With regard to the s106 contributions I confirm as follows:

The NHS contribution is required to invest in Bearsted Medical Practice which is located within 1 mile of the development proposed. 

The contribution to the South Borough Primary School permanent expansion is   £2360.96 per applicable dwelling.

The contribution to the Secondary School expansion at Maplesden Noakes  is £2,359.80 per applicable dwelling.