Item 16, Page 99 Land at Barty Farm, Roundwell, Bearsted Kent




Reference number: 14/506738


In the recommendation section on contributions the requested contribution of 15,000 to promote sustainable access is for improvements at Bearsted railway station. The final figure/amount to be negotiated. The contribution will dovetail with the proposed additional 10 car park spaces to be provided as part of the Goods Yard development.


The 1,575.00 per dwelling is on the basis that the full area of 0.4 hectares on site is provided.



Recommendation remains amended to include an additional condition relating to public art.


Prior to occupation of the first dwelling a scheme for the installation of a piece of public art shall be submitted to the local planning authority for approval. The approved scheme shall be undertaken in accordance with the details and provided on site before the last unit is occupied.


Reason: In recognition of the local history in Bearsted and to provide a sense of place to the development.