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Item 23  , Page 128



Address: Shangri La Horseshoes Lane Langley Kent ME17 3NA



The following wording should be added to the above report:

1.   Recommendation: PERMIT

2.   Reasons for referral to Committee:

Add: the proposed development represents a departure from the development plan.

3.       Hedges should be added to tree protection Condition 10, which should now read as follows:

10. The development shall not commence until an Arboricultural Method Statement(AMS) and Tree and Hedge Protection Plan (THPP) including details of any tree and hedge works that would be necessary to implement the proposal, which shall include details of all trees and hedges to be retained and the proposed measures of protection, undertaken in accordance with BS 5837:2012 "Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction - Recommendations" has been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The AMS shall include full details of areas of hard surfacing within the root protection areas of retained trees and hedges which should be of permeable, nodig construction and full details of foundation design for all buildings within root protection zones, where the AMS identifies that specialist foundations are required. The approved barriers and/or ground protection shall be erected before any equipment, machinery or materials are brought onto the site and shall be maintained until all equipment, machinery and surplus materials have been removed from the site. Nothing shall be stored or placed, nor fires lit, within any of the areas protected in accordance with this condition. The siting of barriers/ground protection shall not be altered, nor ground levels changed, nor excavations made within these areas without the written consent of the Local Planning Authority;


Reason: To safeguard existing trees and hedges to be retained, ensure a satisfactory setting and external appearance to the development.


4.   Additional condition 20: The roof ridges of the development hereby approved shall not exceed the height indicated on the approved plans.

Reason: In the interests of amenity.



My recommendation remains unchanged.