15.506021.Urgent Update

Item 21, Page 100                                Fishers Oast, Staplehurst



Reference number: 15/506021/FULL




On review of the proposed landscaping scheme, with regard to Plot 9 in the eastern part of the site, I see that the proposed hedging is shown on the ‘garden side’ of the rear garden boundary with the proposed fencing outside that directly bordering the public footpath. I consider it more appropriate that the hedging should be on the outside of the fence to provide a ‘softer’ aspect to the development and provide a more favourable environment for the footpath. I therefore recommend the imposition of a condition to secure that change.


Recommendation: Add the following condition:


Notwithstanding the notation on the submitted drawings, with regard to the southern western boundary treatment to Plot 9, the landscaping scheme to be submitted shall show the proposed hedging outside (ie to the south west) of the proposed close boarded fencing;


Reason: In order to provide a properly landscaped setting for the development as viewed from the public right of way.