Your Councillors

Appendix A



DEMOCRACY COMMITTEE – Terms of Reference


Membership: 9 Councillors




To be responsible for Councillor training and development; to determine matters relating to elections, electoral registration; and other democratic services responsibilities and functions, including reviewing this constitution on a regular basis.




1.    To recommend to the Council the appointment of an Electoral Registration Officer and Returning Officer.


2.    To consider any matters relating to electoral registration, elections or electoral boundaries which have not been delegated to the Electoral Registration Officer or Returning Officer.


3.    To consider matters relating to the Mayoralty or Councillors generally, where appropriate.


4.    To appoint Council nominees to outside bodies and seminars as appropriate.


5.    To be responsible for the appointment of independent persons to the Independent Remuneration Panel for Councillors’ Allowances.


6.    Consider applications from persons wishing to act as Independent Persons in connection with Councillor and Statutory Officer conduct; and for the Independent Remuneration Panel and make recommendations to Council to appoint such persons.


7.    To advise Councillors and the Head of Human Resources Shared Service on Councillor development  priorities where appropriate.


8.    To regularly review the Constitution in conjunction with the Monitoring Officer and recommend proposed changes, where significant, to the Council.


9.    The determination of an appeal against any decision made by or on behalf of the authority where there is a statutory appeals procedure and no other panel or Sub-Committee is appropriate elsewhere under this Part of the Constitution.