Item 1, Page 25

Committee 14th June 2016






Condition 13 shall be amended to read as follows:

Land at Grafty Green Garden Centre

Grafty Green


Amended  Condition  13 (LEMP)


1.    Notwithstanding the observations, details and conclusions set out in the Ecology Phase 1 Habitat Survey prepared for this site by LaDellWood and dated June 2015, the development shall not commence until a long term management plan (LEMP) has been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The content of the LEMP shall incorporate the following:


a) Description and evaluation of features to be managed;

b) Ecological trends and constraints on the site that might influence management;

c) Aims and objectives of management;

d) Appropriate management options for achieving aims and objectives;

e) Prescriptions for management actions;

f)  Preparation of a work schedule (including an annual work plan capable of being rolled forward over a five-year period);

g) Details of the body or organisation responsible for implementation of the plan;

h) Ongoing monitoring and remedial measures.

ii)  Specific details and locations of the biodiversity enhancement measures and the inclusion of enhancement measures to be incorporated into the fabric of buildings.

j)  Details of the management of open space areas to provide biodiversity enhancement.

k) Details of tree planting & grassland sward together with an on-going management regime for the land areas outlined in blue on the drawing number 2243/15/B/3A and   indicated as being in shared ownership. 


The approved plan will be implemented in accordance with the approved details.

Reason: To secure appropriate management and enhancement within the site in the interests of ecology and biodiversity.




My recommendation remains unchanged, however, should members be minded to approve the application, the above amendment to condition 13 is recommended.

REFUSE planning permission.