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Ref: 16/503775/FULL




Land At Bicknor Farm,

Sutton Road,





With regard to paragraph 2.05, the applicant’s agent has confirmed that all excavation debris on the Bicknor Farm site has now been removed.   


Paragraph 10.02 of the report within the Conclusion section is a cut and paste error from the previous application report 14/506264 referring to the non-determination appeal and is not relevant to this fresh application.




Paragraph 9.148 of the report within the Affordable Housing section refers to a viability assessment submitted by the applicants to justify 30% affordable housing provision on grounds that a 40% provision would render the development unviable. We have now received the viability assessment appraisal from the district valuation office which concludes that the proposed development incorporating 30% Affordable Housing provision can be viably provided. A surplus of £2,531,106 above the Benchmark Site Value could be provided which could contribute to additional financial planning obligations.


If the Benchmark Value is input as a fixed land value into our appraisal, it shows an overall profit level for the scheme of 22.06% Profit on Value which is a normally accepted profit level for the developer to proceed.


The S106 financial obligations set out in section 11 of the report would amount to £2,690,182.41 which is more than the surplus calculation above which would be available for contributions. The total amount of contributions would rise further with contributions towards mitigation measures to combat any significant adverse traffic flow conditions and a contribution towards the setting up and running of a development monitoring committee.


The financial planning obligations would reduce the developer profit level percentage further but not to an adverse extent. Thus it is considered that the provision of 30% affordable housing provision is justified based on the figures above.



REVISED PLANS (Ragstone wall elevations)

Additional plans have been received from the applicant on 19 August 2016 of the various house types which are to include Kent Ragstone walls to houses located in the most prominent locations within the site as shown on site plan 3642 3.00Q. The additional plan numbers are as follows: 


3642 2.50 – Hartford front entry elevations Kentish Ragstone

3642 2.51 – Hartford side entry elevations Kentish Ragstone 

3642 2.52 – Ashby Kentish Ragstone elevations

3642 2.53 – Langley Ragstone elevations

3642 2.54 – Westbourne Ragstone elevations

3642 2.55 – Stratton Ragstone elevations

3642 2.56 – Latchford Ragstone elevations

3642 2.57 – Holcombe Ragstone plans

3642 2.58 – Holcombe Ragstone elevations




The Ordnance Survey location map incorrectly includes the reference of the previous application 14/506264 to the left hand bottom of page 36. This should include the current application reference 16/503775.




The apportionment table referred to in the officer report as included in Appendix A, is included with this urgent update instead.