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Land North of Headcorn Road,



Amendment to Heads of Terms


The following Head of Terms is amended to allow for delegated powers to agree the final mitigation contribution for any displaced traffic (rat-running).


A financial contribution towards suitable mitigation measures to combat any significant adverse traffic flow conditions as may be established by the monitoring exercise to be conducted (delegated authority to the Head of Planning to agree the financial contribution)



Amendment to Condition 16 (Foul drainage)


This condition is amended to allow details to be provided in a phased manner if required.


The occupation of the development hereby permitted shall not commence on any phase or sub-phase until details of on-site and off-site foul water drainage for that phase or sub-phase have been submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority in consultation with Southern Water. The development shall be carried out in accordance with the approved details. No building shall be occupied or used until its foul water drainage has been completed in accordance with the approved details.




Parish Councillor Lain-Rose


Parish Councillor Lain-Rose has made the following (summarised) comments:


Staplehurst Crossroads:


      Works contradict Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plan

      Highway safety issues

      Visual harm from railings

      Will impede pedestrians



Officer Comment


These points have already been raised and considered in the main report.







My recommendation remains unchanged subject to the amendments to the Heads of Terms and condition 16:


The Head of Planning and Development BE GIVEN DELEGATED POWERS TO GRANT planning permission subject to a legal agreement and conditions.