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Land North of Headcorn Road,



Parish Council Representation


The Parish Council make the following comments relating to the crossroads:


“The Parish Council adheres to its previously expressed opposition to the proposals and highlights specifically that in its opinion:


·      implementation of the revised proposals would make matters worse, exacerbating the problems already encountered by users of the crossroads;

·      proposals for relocation of the High Street northbound bus-stop and the High Street crossing point present unacceptable risks to road and footpath users alike, particularly given the proximity of the bend on the High Street;

·      the proposed relocation of the High Street crossing would take it away from the 'desire line' of pedestrian traffic and would increase the risk of users taking chances at alternative points;

·      the proposals and particularly the proposed guard rail are incompatible with the preservation of the rural character of the village as set out in Objective 06 of the Staplehurst Neighbourhood Plan: 'The crossroads is about more than just moving cars across and through the village; it marks an historic place and is part of the rural fabric of Staplehurst';

·      implementation of proposed measures could harm the protected horse chestnut trees on the southwest corner of the junction;

·      use of the land on the southwest corner of the junction is constrained by restrictive covenants and by the presence of utility service infrastructure; the proposals do not address these constraints.”



Local Residents


1 additional representation has been received raising the following (summarised) points:


·      The crossroads proposals are against recommendations of KCC, Parish Council and local residents.

·      Only vehicle movements have been considered (not pedestrians) and the local community is being ignored.

·      Will be worse for pedestrians and cyclists.



Officer Comment


Most of the points have already been raised and considered in the main report. The works would be carried out entirely on highways land and are not prevented by any covenants etc. The proposed works on the west side of the High Street would be on existing developed highways land, and notwithstanding this, any works could be carried out in a manner to ensure no harm to protected trees is caused.





Amendments to Conditions


Condition 18 (Landscape Implementation)


The occupation of each phase or sub-phase of the development hereby permitted shall not commence until all planting, seeding and turfing specified in the approved landscape details has been completed for the relevant phase or sub-phase.  All such landscaping shall be carried out during the planting season (October to February).  Any seeding or turfing which fails to establish or any trees or plants which, within ten years from the first occupation of a property, commencement of use or adoption of land, die or become so seriously damaged or diseased that their long term amenity value has been adversely affected shall be replaced in the next planting season with plants of the same species and size as detailed in the approved landscape scheme unless the local planning authority gives written consent to any variation.


Reason: To ensure a satisfactory landscaped setting for the development.





My recommendation remains unchanged subject to the amendments to condition 18:

The Head of Planning and Development BE DELEGATED POWERS TO GRANT planning permission subject to a legal agreement and conditions.