Item 10, Page 24                                                                       1 Fancy Row, Thurnham Lane, Thurnham, ME14 4PL



Reference number: 16/505695



To ensure clarity on what ecological enhancements should be secured and implemented, it is recommended that condition 8 should be strengthened.


Condition 8 should be amended to read:


The development shall not commence until an ecological method statement which details what enhancements are going to be implemented and where and how, has been submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority, and shall include the following;


i) Provision of 12cm square gaps under any new fencing to allow hedgehogs access onto all garden areas.

ii) Provision of integral bird boxes on the northern elevation of the building(s)

iii) Provision of bat roosting spaces within eaves of building(s) and/or installation of ready-made bat boxes


The development shall be built in accordance with the approved ecological mitigation strategy and all features shall be retained in that manner thereafter.


Reason: To ensure appropriate mitigation and protection of species. 






My recommendation remains unchanged.