Item 11, Page 34





Land At Hawthorn Place,

Greenway Forstal, Harrietsham

Councillor Val Springett has raised the following (summarised) points


         Considers that the temporary gypsy traveller permissions should be used to calculate the GTAA assessed need. As such the shortfall in pitches should be 51 rather than 87 as stated in the committee report at para 5.11.


One additional neighbour comment received


Consultation letter was not sent out by the Council

The applicant has already dug the footings for the concrete hard standing and is erecting the amenity building without planning permission


Officer Comment


The applicants have been advised to stop all development on site until the current planning application has been determined. Should the committee be minded to refuse the planning permission the necessary enforcement action would be taken.


Regarding the consultation for the application, the council has undertaken statutory consultation in accordance with government guidance and Council procedure. The council notified the adjoining properties in writing and put up a site notice at the entrance of the site.


The GTTSAA revealed a need for 187 permanent Gypsy and Traveller pitches to be provided during the period October 2011 and March 2031. Temporary permissions do not count towards the boroughs objectively assessed need as they are not permanent pitches and should be removed when the temporary consent expires.


Amend typo to condition 7


Insert potable in place of portable in the first paragraph of condition 7.


Additional condition


Within three months of the date of this decision notice, details of any external lighting shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority and anything else beyond this will require further written consent from the local planning authority;

Reason: To safeguard the character and appearance of the area.




The recommendation remains unchanged: