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Appendix A

Annual Governance Statement Action Plan for 2016-17 - Update

Governance Issue


Update on action taken so far

Training and Communication on Information Management

Online learning modules rolled out across the council

Briefing at team meetings

Communication Plan for Information Management Implemented

The interim Deputy Head of Legal Partnership is finalising the on-line learning module for Data Protection.  This will be rolled out from 1st January 2017 and will be mandatory for all staff.


The residents survey identified that more work needed to be done on developing residents involvement in decision making and how informed residents feel about our services

An action plan will be developed and approved by Policy and Resources Committee, a workshop has been held and analysis of the results conducted


A further workshop is planned with Councillors and Communications Team in July

A follow up workshop was held with all councillors in July. Following the workshop a communication and engagement strategy,  focussed on promoting pride in the borough, was developed and approved by Policy and Resources at its meeting on 26 October 2016.  This includes plans for how residents can influence decisions affecting their local area.  A new member sounding board for communications is also being established.

Establishing Risk Appetite

Risk Appetite reviewed and agreed by Policy and Resources Committee

Work continues on risk management.   An update report was presented to Policy and Resources Committee at its meeting on 26 October. Audit Governance and Standards Committee members will be briefed on progress before the Committee’s meeting on 21 November.



Audit Reviews with weak Assurance.



Action Plans and implementation dates have been put in place and agreed.  Audit reviews with weak assurance in 2015-16:

·         Safeguarding

·         Business Continuity

·         Mote Park and Cobtree Cafe

Safeguarding now rated sound – the safeguarding policy has now been approved by Community Housing and Environment Committee and will be rolled out across the council with appropriate training.


Business Continuity is on track for the implementation of recommendations.


Mote Park and Cobtree Café – 14 recommendations were made, of which 11 have been completed, 1 is overdue and 2 are not yet due.   Until the remaining 3 recommendations are implemented the assurance rating will remain at weak.