Item 14 Page 83                                                                        Land at Barty House, Roundwell, Bearsted, Kent



Reference number: 16/506735


Officers comment:  For clarification the proposed conditions to be amended as follows:


2) Works shall not commence on the demolition of the wall until a method statement has been submitted providing the following information:

(a) confirmation that all existing bricks will be re-used where possible;

(b) process of demolition, materials to be used to clean up the bricks and means of storage of bricks to be re-used.


Reason: To ensure the protection and re-use of existing brick work.


5) The works permitted shall be undertaken in strict accordance with the following plans:

2527-03H; 2527-07; 2527-16 Boundary demolition plan; 2527-20 E site location plan; 475-127A.


Method Statement for Constructing Brick Wall in Root Protection Zone (RMB consultants.).