Maidstone Borough Council / Involve Maidstone - Local Lottery Survey


A survey on the potential introduction of a local lottery scheme was undertaken by Maidstone Borough Council, with the assistance of Involve Maidstone, so that as many relevant organisations as possible could be contacted to take part.

The survey was open for responses over a 3 week period in January / February 2017.

The short survey consisted of 5 questions. 99 responses were received, resulting in a response rate of just over 10%

Below is a summary of the results:

Q1. Do you support the principle of a local lottery that would see the proceeds go to the voluntary sector within Maidstone Borough?

Yes 88 (90%)

No 10 (10%)


Q2. Would your organisation be potentially willing to participate in such a lottery, including its promotion?

Yes 66 (69%)

No 30 (31%)


Q3. Do you have any suggestions of how a local lottery scheme could benefit the voluntary sector within Maidstone Borough?

50 comments were received, including;

         A possible way of raising new funds

         Several particular good causes that could benefit were highlighted

         Local funds / Local economy / Local needs / Local projects


Q4. Do you have any concerns about the introduction of a local lottery scheme?

Yes 37 (38%)

No 61 (62%)

36 comments were received, including;

         May just replace existing council funding

         How will the money be distributed and who would make the decision?

         Administration fees and costs involved

         Is this the best use of council time and resources?

         Is this encouraging people to gamble?


Q5. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

27 comments were received, including;

         Decisions on who receives funding should be made by an informed group not by the public

         How much would a ticket cost and the frequency of the draws?

         The lottery should also be used as a vehicle to highlight the work local charities and volunteers undertake