Quarter 4 Strategic Plan Action Plan Update


Quarter 4 Strategic Plan Action Plan Update


Priority 1: Keeping Maidstone an attractive place for all

Providing a Clean and Safe Environment

Over the past 5 years, Maidstone Borough Council has demonstrated its commitment to deliver cost effective and sustainable waste and recycling services, as a result our recycling rate has improved significantly. Maidstone does not experience high levels of crime.


Review of Licensing Policies

Review and Implement Gambling Act Policy

Following the closing of the consultation period no significant responses were received. The amended policy was presented to the Licensing Committee in January 2017 and the Committee recommended the policy for adoption by the Council. The process of adoption was completed on 1 March 2017 at full Council.


MBC Commercial Waste Service


Food waste collection feasibility study

Having reviewed the Commercial Waste operation, further work is intended to maximise the profitability and reduce the cost of the current service. Capital funding has been allocated to the expansion of the service however this will be focused on delivering the current service to more customers as opposed to diversifying. There is no further work proposed to explore the introduction of commercial food waste collections.


Crematorium Development Project


Commence implementation of Phase One

A refocussing of Bereavement Services development plans is envisaged and was reported to Heritage, Culture, and Leisure Committee in June 2017.








Priority 2: Securing a successful economy for Maidstone Borough

Planning for Sufficient Homes to meet our Borough’s Needs

Housing Strategy 2015-2020


Acquisition of property

Policy & Resources Committee agreed at its meeting on 29 March to proceed with the acquisition of 13 properties. Offers have been made on 13 suitable properties with a view to completion as soon as possible.


Housing Assistance Policy


Adopt New Empty Homes Strategy

Acknowledging that Maidstone does not have a significant issue with long-term empty homes this issue was considered during the member review of the Medium Term Financial Strategy. Having reviewed the progress made in previous years it was agreed that other areas of work, such as supporting the Temporary Accommodation Strategy, required prioritisation for resources. It was therefore agreed that a new Empty Homes Strategy was not required but the work on empty homes would continue as part of the overall Housing Strategy.


Review and update housing assistance policy

Communities Housing and Environment Committee approved the new housing assistance policy in September 2016.


To determine the number of properties for improvement following review of outcome from stock condition survey

Work on this project has been delayed, as a Kent-wide consortium has been implemented to explore whether a better package can be achieved by commissioning a multi-borough survey. It is anticipated that a decision will be reached in late 2017.