F Appendix Licensing Committee - Order of Proceedings -










a)        The Chairman will introduce those present and ensure that everyone understands the procedure to be followed.

b)        The Legal Services Representative will briefly describe the application and his/her reasons for refusal.

c)        The Applicant will then present his case.

d)       The Objector(s) may then ask the Applicant questions.

e)        Members will then ask the Applicant any questions.

f)         The Objector(s) will then be given the opportunity to present his/her case.

g)       The Applicant may then ask the Objector(s) any questions.

h)       Members will then ask the Objector(s) any questions.

i)         Members may then ask any further questions of clarification from any party.

j)         Both parties will then be asked to sum up, the Objector(s) first followed by the Applicant.

k)        Members will then ask the Legal Services Representative if there are any further matters to be raised before the matter is considered.

l)         The Committee will then decide the appeal and may ask the Applicant, the Objector(s), and any other parties to leave, the Committee Clerk will be the only person apart from Members to be allowed to remain.  The  representative of Legal Services will be requested to remain by the Chairman.

m)      After consideration all parties will be invited to return and the Chairman will announce the decision.