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Ref: 16/508659



Tree Preservation Order

19 St Luke’s Avenue



Update to the report in relation to the following sections;


Summary of representations in support of the TPO, p354


·         The council has received 1 further representation since the report which raises the following matters:


-       The temporary tree preservation order relating to the above tree and due to expire on 14th September 2017 should be retained and made permanent.

-       The objections which have been put forward regarding the granting of a permanent tree preservation order are strongly refuted and rejected.

-       The tree is clearly visible from properties along Saint Luke's Avenue. It is a beautiful, majestic and shapely tree which is greatly admired by local residents and contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the local environment and general amenity of those living near it. It also provides a haven for an abundance of wildlife. In 10 years no concerns about the shade cast by the tree, the leaves shed by the tree or the roots of the tree have been received.

-       It is wished that the tree is not trimmed or interfered with in any way and therefore it is strongly requested that the tree preservation order is made permanent to protect it.



Officer Comment


These points have already been considered in the main report.



8.0 Recommendation p356


·         Unchanged