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Policy and Resources Committee


Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 8 March 2018



Councillors Adkinson, Mrs Blackmore, Boughton, Cox, Garland, Harvey, Harwood, Hastie, Joy, McLoughlin, Munford, Perry, Round and Mrs Wilson (Chairman)



165.     Apologies for Absence


It was noted that apologies were received by Councillors Barned, Brice, Harper, Gooch and Fermor.




166.     Notification of Substitute Members


It was noted that the following members were present as substitute members:


·         Councillor Round for Councillor Brice

·         Councillor Joy for Councillor Fermor

·         Councillor Adkinson for Councillor Harper

·         Councillor Munford for Councillor Gooch




167.     Urgent Items


The Chairman informed the Committee that there were two urgent updates for Item 10 - Phase 3 Public Realm. The reason for urgency was that the updates gave the Committee an additional legal option for carrying out the work outlined in the report.




168.     Notification of Visiting Members


There were no visiting members.




169.     Disclosures by Members and Officers


There were no disclosures by Members or Officers.




170.     Disclosures of Lobbying


There were no disclosures of lobbying.




171.     Exempt Items


RESOLVED: That Item 11 – Brunswick and Union Street Car Park Development Update be taken in private due to the possible disclosure of exempt information.




172.     Presentation of Petitions (if any)


There were no petitions.




173.     Questions and answer session for members of the public (if any)


There were no questions from members of the public.




174.     Phase 3 Public Realm


Mrs Fran Wallis, the Local Economy Project Officer, presented a report proposing to enter into a Section 278 agreement with Kent Highways in order to carry out Phase 3 of the Public Realm regeneration scheme.


Mrs Wallis confirmed that since the report had last been taken to the Committee, six tenders had been received and there was no shortfall in funding due to the value of the tenders received.


The two options that Mrs Wallis presented to the Committee were that the Committee could instruct the Monitoring Officer to enter into a Section 278 agreement or do nothing. The do nothing option would result in the scheme not progressing as a Section 278 agreement was required for the scheme to progress.




That delegated authority is given to the Head of Mid Kent Legal Services to enter into a s278 agreement with Kent County Council for the Phase 3 Public Realm Highway Works.


Voting: Unanimous




175.     Exclusion of the Press and Public


RESOLVED: That the press and public are excluded from the meeting due to the possible disclosure of exempt information.




176.     Brunswick and Union Street Car Park Developments Update


Mr William Cornall, the Director for Regeneration & Place, presented an update on the Brunswick and Union Street Developments.


The Committee noted that the following changes had occurred to the viability of the scheme, which had meant that overall financial viability had improved:


·         The Council had been awarded £658,000 from the government’s Land Release Fund to help fund the development; and

·         A payment was required to be made to an existing tenant on the site to incentivise them to give up their lease early. This decision was contained in the existing delegation already granted by the Committee.


RESOLVED: That the report is noted.




177.     Duration of Meeting


6.31 pm to 6.47 pm