From: Robin Giles                                               On Behalf Of Robin Giles
Sent: 08 March 2018 15:26
To: Licensing
Subject: *Possible SPAM* Spirit of Rock/Ramblin Man Mote Park Maidstone


Re Licence application 18/00498/LAPRE

From Robin Giles



Please note my objection to the above application.


I refer to previous years events (Ramblin Man). I am extremely concerned this application should be, in 2018 properly controlled with references in the licensing condition to ‘The Environmental Protection Act 1990’. Previous years have resulted in polluting noise as defined in the above legislation, occurring. During the 2017 event Maidstone Borough Council stated that noise pollution was controlled by licensing conditions. These used guidelines in the ‘Code of Practice on Environmental Noise Control at concerts’ specifically referring to the arbitrary sound levels in the code. The code also states that compliance with the code does not ensure that noise levels will not pollute and makes a recommendation that additional measures may be necessary. These additional measures have not been taken in the past two years or if any measure has been taken it has been insufficient to prevent the low frequency sound entering my home which is approximately 11/2 miles from the event in Mote Park.

Both in 2016 and 2017 I complained to the Maidstone Borough Council with my complaint being referred to the ombudsman after unsatisfactory response from MBC. In 2016 the ombudsman upheld part of the complaint with respect to a breach of the sound levels and in 2017 the ombudsman agreed with me that MBC was wrong in their assertion that the above EPA 1990 could not be used. Their assertion was that they could not prosecute themselves however the ombudsman concluded that any offence under the legislation would be made by the event organizers against whom action could be taken.

Despite my contact with Maidstone Borough Council in these previous years the consultants have not been tasked with taking noise reading in the road of my home. Conditions of any licence should be included to take noise readings at any location where complaint has been received.

If a decision is made to grant the licence due cognisance should be taken of the fact that Mote Park is surrounded on all sides by many urban complexes, so this event will be if unfettered as in previous years affect many communities. Further a contact telephone number to a duty Maidstone Borough Council officer should be available and not consultants who have an allegiance to the organisers. On duty MBC officers should be available to visit complainants.