Your Councillors

From:                              Robert Boatwright-Smith

Sent:                               13 May 2018 20:54

To:                                   Lorraine Neale


Subject:                          Re: FW: Marden Cricket And Hockey Club - New Club Premises Certificate Application


Good Evening Lorraine,


Many thanks for your email and the response from Charlotte.


We continue to remain deeply concerned with the revised timings and impact such a late license creates (specifically the provision of alcohol & recorded music) throughout the week including weekends. As a result we would like to be informed of when a hearing date is to be scheduled for this application to discuss further with the applicants. We also feel that not enough consideration was made to inform residents on Howland Road of this application despite the railway line being between the club's border and the residents.


In terms of a resolve, we stand by our original request of a finish of no later than 23:00hrs 7-days a week and remain open to TENS applications as required for special events/weddings etc. It is my understanding you can apply for up to 15x TENS licenses per year which would be ample for a handful of dedicated club events (of which we would fully support) PLUS supplementary income from weddings during the summer months.


I note in Charlotte's response that "in our previous premises, very late nights are rare" and that they "have run past midnight on one occasion in the last 12 months". With the utmost of respect, their previous venue is not remotely comparable to the new building for which they're applying for a license both in terms of facilities& capacity. I do see that in Charlotte's revised application she has requested "we would also like to apply for the following on up to 8 occasions per year, always on a Fri/Sat: (recorded music 01:00, provision of alcohol until 02:00)". With this additional request effectively bypassing a need for TENS licences for 8 events per year we kindly request the primary license remains restricted to 23:00hrs 7 days per week and would support the additional 8x events per year.


Kindest Regards, Robert