Strategic Planning, Sustainability and Transportation Committee




External Board/Outside Body


External Board/Outside Body

Kent Community Railway Partnership Steering Group

Councillor(s) represented on the Outside Body/External Board

Clive English

Report Author

Clive English

Date of External Board/Outside Body Meeting Attended

Quarterly board meetings, additional events and promotional activities



Purpose of the External Board/Outside Body:

The body acts as the co-ordinating body for the community rail partnerships in Kent of which there are currently 2. The Medway Valley Line and Swale Line.





It is currently possible that additional partnerships could be established from Tunbridge Wells into East Sussex or in the East Kent Area. The Committee has spent most of the year focussed on the re-tendering exercise and other overarching issues such as the timetable revisions.

There has also been promotional work in conjunction with South Eastern i.e. events at Kings Cross/St Pancras to promote Rail related tourism, journeys, using the partnerships lines.