Upper Medway Internal Drainage Board


External Board/Outside Body

Upper Medway Internal Drainage Board

Councillor(s) represented on the Outside Body/External Board

P Harper & M Round


Martin Round

Date of External Board/Outside Body Meeting Attended

Quarterly Board Meetings



Purpose of the External Board/Outside Body:

The Waters that pass into the Medway and main tributaries such as the Beult and managed by the Environment Agency can come in from various streams, small rivers/rivulets and localised water systems using drains, gulleys, culverts, ditches and dykes etc. There is a public liability for MBC to ensure this is managed appropriately and safely. Some of this in turn is managed and thus paid for by MBC as the managing body together with other local authorities. The Board oversees that work and management. 




The operational management and day to day overseeing of works required is effectively well controlled. Such works include local management of banks and water depths, sluice gates, installing/maintaining of mini locks, controlling growth in streams etc. The operational team need specialist equipment, knowledge and management as well as general management and compliance adherence.


MBC needs to be represented in respect that water has significant effects in the Borough both “ up and down stream”. And local land owners MUST be monitored and controlled for their actions by the Board and/or the Environment Agency.


Both Cllr Harper and I remain concerned about internal personnel management issues however and this will remain a key interest, with frequent and on going communications with other Board reps and our own responsible Officer Mark Green. Various other water, drainage and flooding issues also need some liaison work with the several agencies including KCC. It is essential MBC has representation on this Board and that those reps are well versed in the many issues that affect the Borough concerning water and drainage.