External Board/Outside Body


External Board/Outside Body

Headcorn Aerodrome Consultative Committee

Councillor(s) represented on the Outside Body/External Board

Martin Round


Martin Round

Date of External Board/Outside Body Meeting Attended

Quarterly meetings



Purpose of the External Board/Outside Body:

To oversee and monitor the management of the Aerodrome and its regulatory licences/controls in respect of the local communities - the flights, events and various activities - that includes air space in neighbouring authorities as well as MBC: T.Wells/Frittenden, Ashford/Smarden.




The Aerodrome continues to enjoy success in respect of increasing visitors, both as participants, visiting the Museum, attending events and purely to watch the many activities. Notable events include the Battle of Britain event, the South East Model Air show and Combined Ops, where land and air re-enactments take place, displays and other shows happen and musical events take place. Car shows are also a regular event. 

There are many businesses located at the Aerodrome from parachuting, microlites, hot air balloons, flight lessons, helicopters, aerial photography (used by MBC and Google), leisure flights to France and Belgium and further afield, and maintenance and refits of planes.

One such business flies paid-for guests in classic planes such as Spitfires and Tiger Moths. Planning permission has now approved the flights of Dakotas, or B57s. 

Such events and activities requires a number of laws and regulations to be followed together with certain elements of good practice guidance, such as noise, times of flights, that this Committee monitors. This Committee follows obligations to oversee and monitor Aerodrome management of both MBC as the Planning Authority and for the Civil Aviation Authority together with some responsibility to the Ministry of Defence, for who in any national emergency would still be able to lay claim on the facility.

Whilst the Aerodrome attracts 1000s of visitors, it should be noted that key issues concerning security and safety are very important.


National Security: Headcorns position makes it one of the first ports of call in air space from the continent. National Security alerts have meant that “Border Force” now provide the Aerodrome with Officers almost full time, as there have been a number of concerns and incidents in the last year.


For the above reasons it is essential that MBC maintains an interest in the work of the Aerodrome and indeed is aware of Planning and Security implications (and economic development/Tourism opportunities).


A local Ward member is obviously needed to grasp any local effects.