Item 15, Pages 20-29                     Kings Oak Farm, Crump’s Lane, Ulcombe, Maidstone


Ref: 18/505386/FULL


One further representation received from Ulcombe Parish Council:


‘Ulcombe Parish Council has asked Planning Enforcement to investigate the breach of planning decisions regarding the use of the barn for housing cattle/livestock (erected under 13/1421). This makes application 18/505386 even less relevant if cattle and livestock cannot  use the barn (s) for shelter.


Please see Ulcombe Parish Council's comments on the portal for 18/505386 . The following extract repeats what a neighbouring livestock/cattle  farmer has said.


"Since there is no permission for the cattle to be housed in the existing barn on the site, presumably they will be calving throughout the winter months in an open, poorly drained clay field.


In the unlikely event of this scenario being able to take place, we would question the need for a livestock worker to be present all year round at Kings Oak Farm."


We would add that application 13/1421 is for hay and fodder only,and not cattle, and application 18/501611 is for farm machinery only, and not cattle.


The barn agreed under 18/501611 has not yet been built.’




Officer recommendation remains unchanged