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Land west of Loder Close / Westwood Close, Lenham



Clarification of Resolution of 30 May 2019


For Clarity. 


At the meeting of 30 May 2018, in considering the above planning application, both the Officer’s written report (para’s 2.01 and 6.54) and the Officer’s verbal presentation refer to the application providing a policy compliant level of affordable housing.  As clarified verbally by the Officer this comprised a 40% level of affordable housing, with a 70/30 tenure split in favour of affordable rented.


In considering the application, Members acknowledged the priority afforded to the provision of affordable housing.


It is noted that in the written report at paragraph 8, where the heads of terms were summarised under the ‘Recommendation’, the affordable mix was not presented in a manner consistent with the main body of the report, in that it read ’12 shared ownership and 9 affordable rented’.


The purpose of this update is to request that Members confirm that it was on the basis of the policy compliant mix of affordable housing, as presented in the main body of the report and as clarified in the Officer’s presentation, that the recommendation was accepted by Members and that it is acknowledged by Members that the Head of Term relating to affordable housing should read:


Provision of 21 units of affordable housing in compliance with Policy SP20’s target mix to a size to be agreed by the Housing Officer