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10 July 2019


Maidstone Integrated Transport Package (MITP)


Decision Making Authority

Kent County Council

Lead Director

Simon Jones

Lead Head of Service

Tim Read

Lead Officer and Report Author

Russell Boorman/Lee Burchill

Wards and County Divisions affected

Maidstone Borough including Tonbridge & Malling

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This report makes the following recommendations:


That the report be noted.   








Maidstone Joint Transportation Board

10 July 2019

Maidstone Integrated Transport Package (MITP)




1.1       This report provides an update in respect of the proposed junction     improvements contained within the Maidstone Integrated Transport        Package (MITP).


1.2                  A decision regarding the release of the remaining Local Growth Funding      provisionally allocated to this programme (Ł6.2m) was announced at the     SELEP Accountability Board on the 12th April 2019.  The business   cases for these schemes were reviewed by SELEP’s Independent           Technical Evaluator as presenting high value for money with medium to        high certainty of achieving this and funding released accordingly.


1.3                  Public consultation on the remaining schemes will commence in September 2019.  Members will be given the opportunity to make comment through the consultation process with prior communication being undertaken with        associated stakeholders.     


1.4             Design work is being carried out contemporaneously on all schemes to        mitigate any delays and achieve the SELEP spending requirement of       2021.  A programme of   delivery has been derived to minimise the    impact on the network and ensure network resilience with the   uncertainty of BREXIT and other key Strategic schemes being delivered   in and around the Borough of Maidstone. 


2.        Scheme Updates:


2.1                  A20 Coldharbour Roundabout:


2.2                  The detailed design continues with good progress.  This element of the       scheme will be completed in September/October 2019.  It is anticipated     that the next stage of the project will follow immediately, moving into the          procurement stage.


2.3                  Early discussions with KCC’s corporate procurement team have          commenced with a procurement plan being developed to ensure the       procurement stage can be delivered between November 2019 and March 2020.  An award of contract is expected in March 2020, with a    construction commencement in April 2020.


2.4                  A buildability review is being undertaken as part of the detailed design,       with the majority of the works being constructed ‘off-line’, it is anticipated the construction duration will be approximately 6-8months.


2.5                  This scheme has been de-risked following positive land negotiations with    the RBLI, who have agreed in principle the sale of their land as per     previous conversations prior to a personnel change.


2.6                  A report was presented to KCC’s Infrastructure Commissioning Board          (ICB) on the 24th June 2019 for approval to spend and enter into contracts          accordingly, which received approval.  This scheme will also be considered        by KCC Environment and Transport cabinet committee on 16th July 2019.


2.7                  Previous concerns regarding the removal of the signalisation on this particular scheme have been taken into consideration and confirmation is    given to the board that part time signalisation is being considered as part    of the detailed design phase.


2.8                  The general arrangement for this scheme can be seen in Appendix 1.


3.   A229 Loose Road corridor:


3.1                To provide good value for money and due to their close proximity, the                     A229 Loose Road corridor commission includes the following junctions:


·         A229 Loose Road at its junction with the A274 Sutton Road (Wheatsheaf junction);

·         A229 Loose Road at its junction with Armstrong Road;

·         A229 Loose Road at its junction with Boughton Lane/Cripple Street; and,

·         A229 Loose Road at its junction with Sheals Crescent


3.1.1   A229 Loose Road at its junction with the A274 Sutton Road (Wheatsheaf junction)


3.1.2   A signalised lozenge roundabout delivers the best capacity benefits but requires the acquisition of the Public House to deliver, which KCC is progressing.  This has de-risked the scheme significantly. 


3.1.3   It must be noted that the junction of Cranbourne Avenue and Loose Road will need a full closure in order to deliver the required benefits.  However, KCC is developing proposals to improve the environment, streetscape and community feel of this section of Cranbourne Avenue. A review of the impact of this closure on the surrounding junctions will also be undertaken.  


3.1.4   The new proposal provides spare capacity beyond 2032.  The indicative proposal can be seen in Appendix 2.  This design will continue to be developed and the detailed design is continuing at pace.


3.1.5   The current programme has the detailed design completing in October 2019, and like A20 Coldharbour, the procurement will follow immediately.


3.1.6   A single contract will be issued containing all junctions to enable a contractor the flexibility to programme works accordingly thereby minimising the disruption caused by these essential works.


3.1.7   Layout designs for Armstrong Road, Cripple Street/Boughton Lane and Sheals Crescent can be seen in Appendix 3, 4 and 5.   


3.2      A20 Ashford Road at its junction with Willington Street:


3.2.1   The improvement to the A20 Ashford Road at its junction with Willington Street requires the relocation of the listed ‘rag stone’ wall and therefore a planning application will need to be approved.  This may be subject to objection on grounds of the associated vegetation removal.  However, any vegetation removed can be replaced as part of the scheme. 


3.2.2   This may add delay to the programme, however, there is sufficient float in the timetable for the construction commencement to not be affected.


3.2.3   The planning application will be submitted shortly, and the detailed design commenced.  The indicative outline design can be seen in Appendix 6.


3.2.4   Construction of this particular project has been placed at the back end of the programme due to other key strategic infrastructure projects in the vicinity but can still be delivered in the LGF spend timescales.       


3.3      A274 Sutton Road at its junction with Willington Street & Wallis      Avenue:


3.3.1   The A274 Sutton Road at its junction with Willington Street has been redesigned based on the 2015 alignment, which was endorsed by this board at its meeting on 22/02/2016.


3.3.2   As historically recorded, this scheme was beyond capacity after the first year of construction.


3.3.3   In addition to the 2015 scheme, off-line bus stops have been incorporated, with the existing bus stop on the southern (Bell Meadow) side, being relocated to provide extra opportunities for planting and retention of the existing cherry trees. 


3.3.4   To provide the best capacity benefits possible, following the recommendation by this board in January 2018, that a smaller scheme be investigated, increased capacity has been generated by widening both the northern and southern sides of Sutton Road between Wallis Avenue and Willington Street to give longer dedicated directional lanes.


3.3.5   Furthermore, widening on Willington Street is proposed to increase the stacking capacity on the approach to the traffic signals.  Delivery is dependent on the acquisition of third-party land and is therefore a potential risk to the proposal.


3.3.6   A complimentary planting scheme can be provided to add screening to the adjacent properties with native species.  It must be noted that by moving the carriageway closer to the cherry trees, the canopy may need lifting to ensure large vehicles can pass underneath safely.  This proposal also requires the removal of an element of the highway grass verge to accommodate the widening and off-line bus stops.


3.3.7   This proposal only offers limited capacity benefits and modelling has demonstrated that this junction would be over capacity in 2021 providing minimal improvement.


3.3.8   KCC continue to review the costs associated with this scheme and funding opportunities.  The indicative proposal can be seen in Appendix 7.   


4.   Risks


4.1    These schemes, with the exception of the A274 Sutton Road proposal, offer                   significant capacity benefits and journey time improvements.  There are      risks still associated with the delivery of the MITP; however, these are being    mitigated and reduced. Any delays to delivery could compromise the LGF         funding which could result in the LGF being reallocated to other LGF priorities.


4.2        Some difficult decisions still need to be made but without these schemes development within the area will continue to be delivered without the associated transport mitigation measures. 


4.3                  Acquisition of third-party land has yet to be completed and officers will engage with Local Members and affected parties accordingly. The improvements are aimed to address the current congestion and future growth and benefit all highway users.


4.4        KCC will keep Members and the board updated at key milestones throughout the next stages.   



























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