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Appendix B





Maidstone Borough Council’s

Digital Strategy



Updated Action Plan 2019/21






















Delivering the Strategy
The following is a revised high-level list of actions due to be completed between 2019 and 2021 that link with the delivery of the digital strategy. The list and timeframes will continue to be developed over the course of the strategy. 











2019 / 2020

2020 / 2021

Launch of ‘My Maidstone’ Digital Customer Service Platform



Refresh of the Councils website home page to improve customer navigation



Improve and replace the current ‘Report-it’ online processes, including fly tipping and abandoned vehicles



Introduce email subscriptions for Council news & Digital notifications for updates to Council services



Make improvements to the online bin processes, including ordering new/replacement bins and reporting missed bins



Creation of new Local Plan micro site at



Completion of Digital Inclusion Strategy



Creation of ‘Go Green Go Wild’ website



Explore the use of Social Sign on for the ‘My Maidstone’ Digital Customer Service Platform



Implementation of additional Revenues and Benefits Capita advantage digital modules including suite of online forms and automation processes



Explore better integration between finance and payroll systems



Review the appropriateness of Direct debit for annual payments



Implement an improved FOI handling system



Roll out of Skype for Business to Councillors



Introduction of web chat



Procurement of corporate mobile working solution



Procurement of new Housing Rents system



Introduce an electronic new starter pack and improved staff induction process



Expand the use of Microsoft Power BI as a business intelligence tool



Provide user research training to more staff to improve the design of user centred digital services



Explore options for online grant application process




2019 / 2020

2020 / 2021

Work with third party suppliers to ensure online systems meet improved website accessibility standards



Ongoing projects to reduce paper usage



Programme of work to increase the proportion of planning applications submitted electronically



Make more information available online to reduce FOI requests



Trial the use of bots for simple web chat enquiries



Improve the provision of customer report tracking to keep customers informed of progress with reports



Explore the potential to expand the use of Robotic Process Automation to other processes



Programme to increase the take up of ebilling and e-notification for benefits



Introduction of virtual parking permit system



Provision of more open data for planning customers



Explore options for electronic notification of nearby planning applications



Transfer existing planning processes for service requests to ‘My Maidstone’ Digital Customer Service Platform



Link housing register system with My Maidstone digital customer service platform



Project to enable street cleansing data to be presented publicly on the councils website



Mapping of the cemetery and completion of electronic burial records to enable public searchable records



Extend the use of mobile worker to parks and open space



Explore the use of AI, and voice activated services such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home



Reduce printing for agendas and papers for committees



Review potential for implementing GOV Pay