Item 1, Page 25

11/1948 - Urgent Update Report

Monk Lakes,

Staplehurst Road,






An 8 page representation and legal opinion has been received from the applicant.


Officer Comment


At the end of Page 2 and start of Page 3 the applicant suggests that officers advised on what local residents may think about potential changes to the proposed development. This is incorrect and officers did not comment on what any third parties may or may not think. †


At Pages 7 and 8 the applicant refers to the works and alleged costs necessary to comply with the Enforcement Notice (EN) and restore the land back to its 2003 state.


It is important for Members to note that any implications for compliance with the EN cannot be taken into account as part of the decision making process on this planning application and this application must be decided on its own merits.


In terms of the legal opinion, this does not affect the officer advice and Counselís opinion that Members have been provided with.