From: fiona kitchen

Sent: 15 September 2020 07:02

To: Licensing <>

Subject: Fwd: Marden Sports Application License extension


Dear Licensing Department,

> We live in a quiet, rural country location on the outskirts of Marden.

> On Sunday 13th September Marden Sports Club held a sporting event with loud speakers which we could clearly hear and it ruined the peace and quiet of our Sunday.

> We are very alarmed they have applied for extension of licensing times to hold film showing, and New Years Eve parties as well as Saturday and Sunday extension.

> If we had wanted to live next to a nightclub or film venue we would have done so.

> The club already spoils the dark skies with floodlights on until 10pm.

> It is not accessible by walking, which means everyone attending will do so by car. This will increase the traffic along the road until early in the morning.

> The club was built in a countryside setting and should respect that, it is abhorrent to think they will be selling alcohol until 3am in the morning.

> We strongly oppose this extension.

> Please keep us advised,

> Many thanks

> Fiona & Jason Kitchen

> Marden Residents.






















From: Mark Walker
Sent: 15 September 2020 12:00
To: Licensing
Subject: 20/02032/LACPC. Marden Sports Club licencing hours


To whom it may concern,


I am writing to strongly object to any change / extension of the current licensing hours at Marden Sports Club as per application 20/02032/LACPC.


For transparency, I am a member of the club and play cricket there through the summer.

I have no objection to the club as it currently exists.


For added context I live on Maidstone road and my property backs directly onto the club.

From my house to the balcony on the bar is probably less than 200m as the crow flies.

Current noise levels are generally OK. It is possible to hear some conversation from the club bar balcony, but there is rarely loud music or late night noise. The sound of the hockey balls is louder than anything from the bar at this point.


The proposed licensing hours however are totally out of sync with the club's current status and would suggest a change in direction and ambition, which would bring with it a change in the number and type of guest being catered for.


The extended opening hours, and the application for "live and recorded music" would suggest that the club is moving towards positioning itself as an "events" venue (weddings / birthdays etc.).

This will bring large scale gatherings with loud music being played into the early hours.

This will be incredibly disruptive and invasive to all local residents.

Music, especially bass tones, is able to carry much further that general conversation and is much more intrusive.

I have no doubt whatsoever that this would be audible from every part of my home and would cause a lot of distress, especially as we have both a 2 year old and a new baby due in February.

Regular loud music into the night is not appropriate.


Additionally, these sorts of licensing hours will obviously result in a larger number of more drunk and intoxicated guests.

The club currently does not have any safe footpaths for access back into the village.

There is poor taxi coverage in Marden late into the night.

This therefore leaves guests with a number of unacceptable options:

- Walk along Maidstone Road. A walk that is unsafe even when sober and during daylight, and one that would be incredibly dangerous at 1am when intoxicated. Cars are known to drive that road far in excess of the speed limit and without due care. It would be an accident waiting to happen, and likely a fatal one.

- Drive to the venue, which would undoubtedly encourage drink driving, which is obviously completely unacceptable.



In summary, the proposed licensing hours are completely unnecessary for a sports club, and completely inappropriate considering the club's location and proximity to local residents.



Kinds regards,


Mark Walker



From: Duncan

Sent: 15 September 2020 12:26

To: Licensing

Subject: Variation application for Marden Cricket and Hockey Club


Dear Sir/Madam,


I am writing in regards to this Variation application to change the licensed hours, and wish to register my objections.


1) I live some ~1050m from the site in the application and although I cannot see the site visually, I can most certainly hear it due to the flat topography of the area. Currently, the permitted limited licensed hours are tolerable however if there is an extension to these hours as proposed, then this noise disturbance will become disruptive. It is already at a point where I can hear word-for-word conversations emanating from the site in my garden, despite the significant distance between us.


Naturally, there are residents who live much closer to the site than I do, and the effect on their well-being must be even greater.


2) The proposed license extension to 2am on a Friday/Saturday is excessive. This is a rural, quiet village location and most town centre venues close at midnight, to (among other reasons) "minimise disruption" to residents. In the county town of Maidstone, for example, both JD Wetherspoons venues close at midnight on Friday and Saturday.


3) I have no objections to the proposed licensing changes on New Years Day, Christmas and other significant dates. My concern is that the changes will be detrimental to residents in terms of noise disturbance and nuisance for the rest of the year.


4) I also wish to raise an objection to the playing of live music and/or recorded music, as again this will create a noise disturbance. While currently it is within acceptable times, it is antisocial to extend them further and would breach my right to quiet enjoyment of my home. The loud tannoy announcements from the venue are already a nuisance.


Please consider this my representation to this Variation Application and please confirm receipt.


Kind regards,


Duncan Shadbolt

















From: Theresa Gibson
Sent: 15 September 2020 12:52
To: Licensing
Subject: Extension of hours Marden Cricket and Hockey Club Application Ref 20/02032/LACPC



Good Afternoon


I'm writing to object to the application to extend the current licensing hours of The Marden Cricket and Hickey Club - Apllication Ref 20/02032/LACPC on the following basis:


The venue at original planning application was intended to be a Sports Venue with bar facilities.


It would seem that extending the licence hours would turn this venue into an entertainment venue with the possibility of being available for weddings, parties and such like should it be extended.


This is out of context from the original planning application and would be changing the terms of use to the addition of an events venue.


Should a member wish to have a function then a temporary extension can be applied for such an occasion, without the requirement for an across the board blanket extension of the licensing hours.


There is no footpath from the venue, to the centre of Marden, thus it would require access to the venue to focus mainly of cars to use the facilities.


There is limited public transport or taxis in Marden in the daytime, let alone at night time, so would be heavily reliant on driving to the venue.


Maidstone Road is a dangerous and busy road that often has vehicle's driving at excess speeds. The venue is located at close proximity of a dangerous blind bend of Maidstone Road. To have pedestrians walking after drinking along a dark road without a footpath would be foolhardy and risky.


Encouraging vehicle drivers to stay longer and drink and then drive should not be encouraged full stop.


The extended hours would also create more late night noise as cars and members of public leave the venue, thus disturbing neighbours of the club and the surrounding village in general


There is already a village club within walking distance of the centre of Marden that caters for exactly the same bar and entertainment facilities. Alongside 2 public houses in the centre of Marden. These venues also hold live entertainment at certain times.


There is also a bowls club with bar facilities.


On that basis alone to extend the hours of a sports club would detract Custom from these establishments and be overkill in Marden, which ultimately is a village and not a Town centre that could well accommodate such needs.


Lighting of the venue would need to stay on later to accommodate the extension, thus causing disturbance to anyone in the locality and far beyond, what was agreed on the original planning application.


In summary as the venues intended use was to be the centre if sports excellence and taking into account the above points, the application to increase the licensing hours should be rejected.


Regards Isn and Theresa Gibson




















































From: Heidi Scott
Sent: 15 September 2020 14:20
To: Licensing
Subject: Licensing changes for Marden Cricket & Hockey Club


Dear Sir/Madam


I am writing to object to the proposed licensing changes for Marden Cricket & Hockey Club.


This establishment is a private members' club for sports activities, albeit with a bar for members to socialise. It is not an entertainment venue and I suspect that this type of use was not in the planning permission granted for it. The proposal to extended activities into the early hours - with music - will have a severe impact on the club's immediate neighbours (who are already experiencing light pollution from the club's floodlights). When the wind is in the right direction, sound will also travel to residential areas in Marden village.


In addition to noise nuisance and the possibility of anti-social behaviour, I am concerned about public safety due to the location of the club. There is no footpath to the village (despite that being a planning requirement at the time the club was built) and there will be no public transport at the closing times suggested. This may lead to accidents if pedestrians (quite possibly inebriated) leave the club on foot, and also may tempt party-goers to drive under the influence of alcohol.


Kind regards

Heidi Scott

































From: Paul Newton
Sent: 16 September 2020 09:23
To: Lorraine Neale <>
Subject: 20/02032/LACPC | Club Premises Certificate |Marden Sports Club Maidstone Road Marden Kent TN12 9AG


Ms Neale

I understand that you are the case officer dealing with the above licencing application. I have reviewed the submission and wish to object to the application. I have tried (unsuccessfully) to submit a comment electronically on the Councilís website but trust this email will be placed on the file and taken into consideration when determining the application.


Contact Details: Paul Newton


Commentator Type: Neighbour


Stance: Object


Reason for Comment: Noise Disturbance, Opening Hours, Parking, Prevention of Public Nuisance, Traffic


Comment: The planning permission (LPA Ref: 14/501603/OUT) for the premises (sports grounds and clubhouse) contains a number of operational restrictions limiting activities on the site and in the clubhouse to between 9am Ė 11pm on any day of the week. These restrictions include vehicles entering and exiting the site (Condition 13) and any activity within the grounds and clubhouse itself (Condition 14). Whilst these restrictions are not always adhered to, the conditions were imposed by Maidstone BC (and agreed by the applicant) in order to protect the amenity of nearby residential properties.


Granting a licence exceeding the legally permitted hours of operation on the site would therefore be meaningless as even if the licence is granted, the premises cannot legally be operated during the extended times sought.


Notwithstanding this position a number of details provided on the application form are incorrect and misleading. There are evidently a number of residential properties immediately adjoining and surrounding the site that will be affected particularly during the outdoor films, live music events and as a result of the extended hours sought. The car park and only site access (both pedestrian and vehicular) directly adjoins a number of residential properties on Maidstone Road that will be affected by users entering and exiting the site particularly late at night.


The site is outside the village with no pedestrian footpaths so the vast majority of users will come by car. The noise created by people using and exiting the site will undoubtedly cause a public nuisance and disturb the amenity of adjacent residents (as has already occurred under the existing licencing position) and as anticipated by the Council when approving the planning permission. The application should therefore be refused and re-submitted based on the current permitted hours of use on the site, a limit on the number of outside events allowed and agreement to their exact location within the site.


I would be grateful if you could acknowledge receipt of this email and confirm that it will be placed on the application file. In the meantime if you require any additional information or clarification please do not hesitate to come back to me.




Paul Newton

From: Thomas Lomas
Sent: 19 September 2020 21:30
To: Licensing
Subject: Proposed changes at Marden Hockey & sports club


To whom it may concern.


I am abhorred by the proposed changes to the opening and licensing hours of Marden Hockey and sports club.


I live behind the club and it has blighted my life since it was built.


The floodlights light up the sky as bright as day, all hours of the day and into the evening. They are too bright. If they are on for longer then I will not be able to open my curtains.


The tannoy system is really loud. I can hear the announcer say the score and the names of the players. One day I came home at midnight and Dolly Parton was singing 9 -5 & it was echoing around the village. Allowing music to be played late at night will be even worse, my elderly neighbours won't be able to sleep. There was a match today & I could hear it.


Extending the hours will allow drunk drivers to drink even more then drive home. There isn't a path so everyone drives, if it's extended they can drink more.


I seriously object to the change in hours. I live nearby, I am a close neighbour and I am deeply affected by this.


Karen Lomas































From: fiona kitchen
Sent: 23 September 2020 14:30
To: Licensing
Subject: Marden Sports Club


This is entirely inaccurate. They share a driveway with Bluebell Barn, they have multiple neighbours surrounding them.

Their lighting impacts the entire village.

The traffic going to the club impacts the entire village.

This would be a dire consequence if they were permitted extended licensing,

Yours sincerely

Fiona Jason Kitchen
Neighbours (within a mile of Marden Sports Club - we can hear their music events and sports events.)
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From: mardenliz
Sent: 24 September 2020 14:46
To: Licensing
Subject: Marden Cricket and Hockey Club


Dear Sirs,


I would like to offer my objection to the change of hours in the licensing application by the Marden Cricket and Hockey Club.


The club is situated well outside the village of Marden. There is no footpath or even pavement between the village and the premises. I feel it would be extremely dangerous to have people walking the dark roads home, while a lot will choose to take their cars and not necessarily sober!


This club was built to encourage sport, and I feel that a reasonable cut off time would be to equal those of the local pubs. I am certainly concerned by the proposed regular hours, and especially by the 1am and 2am every Friday and Saturday. And as for New Year's Eve, who needs it to go on until 3am? Surely one hour after the midnight hour would be adequate.


I feel that the safety on our roads and the comfort of the poor folk who live in the vicinity (and those whose homes line the route) need your consideration.


Thank you.


Mary E Bartram
































From: Paul Newton
Sent: 25 September 2020 09:19
To: Lorraine Neale <>
Subject: RE: 20/02032/LACPC | Club Premises Certificate |Marden Sports Club Maidstone Road Marden Kent TN12 9AG




Many thanks for coming back to me on this. I am aware that licencing and planning are separate systems albeit I am concerned that the applicant in this cause isnít and believes that by obtaining a licence from 8am and post 11pm each day would allow them to operate beyond the permitted hours on site (irrespective of the existing planning conditions restricting operation to 9am-11pm).


It is clear that this has been the case on a number of occasions since the site started operating with activity often before 9am and after 11pm. Such activity does cause a public nuisance and at the moment the licence limits music to indoors only and for a limited number of events/occasions.


To allow outdoor events with amplified music will undoubtedly cause further disruption and noise not just to the immediate neighbours but also the wider village particularly if the hours arenít strictly controlled. I am also surprised that in terms of the outdoor activities sought there is no requirement to identify which part of the very large site these activities will be held Ė clearly there are some parts of the site that are closer to housing than others and may therefore have a greater/lesser impact. Also, a blanket ability to hold these events, rather than on a specified number of occasions during a calendar year seems unduly excessive and I cannot see any justification for it.


Finally, can you confirm whether anyone actually checks the validity and statements made on the licencing application form (as some of the statements made are clearly erroneous) and whether anyone actually visits the site to understand the actual position?


I trust that these additional comments will be taken into consideration when a decision is made on the application, and I would be grateful if you could confirm the hearing date in due course.


Many thanks





From: Lorraine Neale
Sent: 21 September 2020 15:31
To: Paul Newton
Subject: RE: 20/02032/LACPC | Club Premises Certificate |Marden Sports Club Maidstone Road Marden Kent TN12 9AG


Good Afternoon Paul


I can confirm that I have received your comments and can I just explain that planning & Licensing are separate regimes and properly separated in order to avoid duplication and inefficiency. They have separate systems with their own rules, criteria, policies and guidance. They look at different aspects of similar proposals. Where the local authority is the planning and licensing decision maker:


1. planning will consider the principal use in light of the approved policies and the effects of the development on amenity (amongst various other considerations); and


2. licensing must carry out its functions with a view to promoting the four licensing objectives. These are: the prevention of crime and disorder; public safety; the prevention of public nuisance; and the protection of children from harm.


Because of this, the two regimes do not always come to the same conclusions. Even where permissions are granted by both the planning and licensing authorities, those permissions might not necessarily be the same; allowing different operating hours or other restrictions/conditions. In such circumstances the more restrictive set of permissions will typically prevail. It will be most likely that the planning matters that you have referred to in your objection will not be considered when coming to a decision on whether to grant the licence. Also planning are a responsible authority in respect of the Licensing Act 2003 and are notified of all application received by Licensing, they will be aware that this application came in and will have the opportunity to comment if they wish. Therefore only your comments in relation to public nuisance are likely to be considered in relation to the application.


There will be hearing arranged to determine the matter and I will contact you again once those arrangements are confirmed.




Kind Regards




Kind Regards



Lorraine Neale

Senior Licensing Officer

Maidstone Borough Council, Maidstone House, King Street, Maidstone, Kent ME15 6JQ

t 01622 602528 e w
























From: Lou Carpenter
Sent: 07 October 2020 15:22
To: Licensing <>
Subject: 20/02032/LACPC Marden Sports Club


Please see attached letter from Richard Carpenter objecting to the above


Louise Carpenter


RH & LV Carpenter













































RH & LV Carpenter

Licensing Partnership




Via email

7 October 2020


Dear Sir/ Madam

20/02032/LACPC Marden Sports Club


Marden Cricket and Hockey Club [now the Marden Sports Club] moved from its original location in the centre of the village a few years ago.† This has taken it from a central village location to an unspoilt rural location, therefore any increase in noise, traffic and lighting has a much greater impact on the surrounding area than when it remained in the village envelope.†


In the Wanshurst Green area, where we have residential property, we already suffer from unacceptable levels of noise from the Marden Sports Club.† The prevailing south westerly wind carries the sound directly to our properties.† Any increase in licensing and opening hours will extend this noise nuisance over a longer time period.† We therefore object to the proposed variation application by Marden Sports Club.


On a separate issue, the floodlighting at the club is an unpleasant and unsightly intrusion into a peaceful rural night-time landscape, as seen from our property at WG, and beyond.† It is very important to note that the floodlights are situated directly alongside Bridgehurst Wood.† This is an ancient wood, as shown on Maidstone BCís definitive map.† This wood is known to contain rare species of both bats and moths, both of which can be disturbed by light pollution.† Birds, too, can be disrupted.† Again, this would not have been an issue with the clubís previous site, but is with this one.† If the proposed variation is likely to increase the hours of floodlighting, then this raises a second objection.





Richard Carpenter