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Dear Sharon 


Thank you for your reply. We can confirm that we would like the routes to be excluded from the test for a further period as this have increased the pass rate significantly. We request if possible that the routes are permanently excluded going forward could you confirm this will be added to the agenda for the meeting on 17th March? 

 Yes, I can confirm this will be considered at the licensing committee on 17 March 2022.


The EQUO test is causing some problems for drivers. They feel the terminology is confusing and this is mainly a cause of concern for drivers which English is their second language. This is about 90% of candidates. 


We have contacted Ian Carter the MD of INCLU Consulting LTD and he informs me that alterations have took place to address some of the terminology issues. We are very to hear this. 

 Yes, I have confirmed with our senior officer who acts as our liaison that amendments have been agreed and made

We as operators have met and we all feel that the drivers should have access to all the questions and information about the answers prior to the test. This would enable candidates to sit mock tests and learn the relevant answers and see where they go wrong. We compare this situation to practising for a driving theory test. There are multiple apps to practise theory tests and the theory test is a much less complicated set of rules. We point out that the apps for revision for theory tests have all the questions and answers. it prompts the candidate with the correct answer when the wrong answer is entered. 


Ian Carter of INCLU is happy to supply us with the questions and answers etc to allow the trade to make some mock tests to help prepare candidates. This would mean targeted teaching and an increased level of awareness and safety. Of course, Ian Carter would need your permission to share information. Drivers of course would not be allowed to take any information to exam rooms, as is the case for theory tests candidates have to retain that information to pass the random computer-generated test. 


If you can agree to INCLU Consulting LTD sharing this information we would not need to represent the trade at the upcoming meeting as we could then be busy training drivers going forward. We hope this can be agreed and we can all go forward with our day-to-day business. We look forward to your response. Please note that we will request this EQUO suggestion to be included in the agenda for March 17th's meeting if it cannot be agreed. 

We do not, as a partnership, agree that the questions & answers should be given out for the safeguarding training (INCLU, formerly known as Equo) as you are asking for this to be considered I will include it in a report.



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