APPENDIX B              

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) –Application Form to Request Neighbourhood (Ward) CIL Funding



Section A: Application Details



Ward Councillor(s):





Details of Organisation funded (where applicable)






Contact Number:







Project Title:





Funds Requested:












Section B: Project Details



Project Summary (max 500 words):




Please explain how this project supports the development of the ward or meets the needs arising as a result of development and identify those who will benefit (max 500 words):










Please provide details of who will deliver the project and if it can commence in the next financial year and outline if there are risks to delivering the scheme

(max 300 words):



Please provide details of other approvals that maybe required for example does land needs to be purchased, planning consent or licenses sought etc (max 300 words):




Please provide details of how the project is value for money, and if any additional funding has been secured for this project. Also provide  any details of future on-going management and

maintenance costs associated with the project (max 300 words):








Section C – Consultation and Engagement



Please explain how you

became aware of the need to carry out this project (max 300 words)



Please provide details and evidence of any local public consultation carried out in relation to this project and its outcomes (max 1000 words):




Administration (FOR OFFICE USE ONLY)


Name: Carole Williams



Name: Rob Jarman


Role: CIL & S106 Team Leader



Role: Head of Planning and Development