140610 DraftWorkProgramme tracked #2

Planning, Transport and Development Overview and Scrutiny Committee Work Programme 2014-15


Meeting Date

Agenda Items

Details and desired outcome



9 June

Election of Chair and Vice Chair

Forward Work Planning

Draft results of Local Plan public consultation




24 June


Update on the state of play with the ITS




Peter Rosevear and Tim Read from KCC possibly attending


22 July





19 August

Spatial Policy team to bring the Design South East report on the Local Plan consultation to this Committee before the multi-stakeholder workshops are held




16 September

Cabinet Member priorities for 2014-15




30 September


Green and Blue Infrastructure Strategy

Open Space Standards (possibly including the Action Plan)





21 October

Employment - Implications arising from a review of the Economic Development Strategy, Qualitative Study on Employment Sites and key employment issues arising from local plan representations




Spatial Strategy team to arrange a joint meeting with E&CD OSC to look at the Qualitative Employment Review and the Economic Development Strategy early November 2014


18 November





Meeting Date

Agenda Items

Details and desired outcome



16 December


Maidstone Borough Local Plan representations - Development Management Policies




20 January


Local plan site allocations (new and deleted) for further public consultation (regulation 18) including Gypsy and Traveller site allocation



17 February





17 March





21 April


Infrastructure Delivery Plan for Local Plan





Review Topic – Transport in the Borough


Keep open for discussion re adding to FWP

·         Arriva Bus services (Staplehurst PC and Editor of Downs Mail)

·         Traffic and Road Infrastructure (@rapoffice via Twitter)

·         Promoting cycling, walking and public transport to ease congestion in the town (James Gower via Twitter)

·         Using the SMART model across the borough (Cllr Grigg)

·         Update on the paperless pilot with parishes for planning support (see minutes of 15/4/14)

·         Office space – ensuring prime office space doesn’t get converted to residential developments

·         Mobile phone services – eradicate dead zones in the town. Motorways and main trunk roads

·         Improving the Borough’s sewerage provision and infrastructure (relations with Southern Water)

·         Planning permissions – recommending Planning Committee review the impact of contentious developments

·         Revisit the discussion on the removal of the Invicta Barracks from the Local Plan