140930 FWP Report


Maidstone Borough Council


Planning, Transport and Development

Overview and Scrutiny Committee


Tuesday 30 September 2014


Future Work Programme and SCRAIP Update


Report of: Tessa Mallett, Overview and Scrutiny Officer



1.      Introduction


1.1        The Committee are asked to consider the future work programme, attached at Appendix A, to ensure it is appropriate and covers all issues Members currently wish to consider within the Committee’s remit.


 2.     Recommendation


2.1        That the Committee considers the future work programme, attached at Appendix A, and the update provided in section 7 (below).    


2.2        That the Committee considers the List of Forthcoming Decisions, relevant to the Committee at Appendix B, and discuss whether any of these items require further investigation or monitoring.


2.3        That the Committee considers its continuous professional development needs and recommends possible training or development sessions it would like to undertake.


3       Future Work Programme


3.1    At the future work programme workshop on 9 June 2014 members agreed the topics they wanted programmed in for the 2014-15 Municipal Year. The topic suggestions were made by members of the public, Parish Councils, officers and local press.


3.2    Throughout the course of the municipal year the Committee is asked to put forward, and review, work programme suggestions. 


3.3    The Committee’s work programme is currently very full. Members are asked to consider the work programme to ensure it remains appropriate, realistic and covers issues Members currently wish to consider within the Committee’s remit.


3.4    The Committee is reminded that the Constitution states under Overview and Scrutiny Procedure Rules number 9: Agenda items that ‘Any Member shall be entitled to give notice to the proper officer that he wishes an item relevant to the functions of the Committee or Sub-Committee to be included on the agenda for the next available meeting of the Committee or Sub-Committee. On receipt of such a request the proper officer will ensure that it is included on the next available agenda, the Member must attend the meeting and speak on the item put forward.’


4       List of Forthcoming Decisions


4.1    The List of Forthcoming Decisions (Appendix B) is a live document containing all key and non-key decisions. 


4.2    Due to the nature of the List of Forthcoming Decisions, and to ensure the information provided to the Committee is up to date, a verbal update will be given at the meeting by the Chairman.  The Committee can view the live document online at: http://meetings.maidstone.gov.uk/mgListPlans.aspx?RPId=443&RD=0


6.      Scrutiny Committee Recommendation Action and Implementation Plan (SCRAIP) Responses


6.1    The issue of making, and monitoring, recommendations is an important part of the scrutiny process.  SCRAIPs set out recommendations following scrutiny meetings/reviews and information is sought on the plan as to whether recommendations are accepted, the action to be taken and by who.  


6.2    The committee has no SCRAIP update for this meeting.


7       Future Work Programme Update


7.1     At the time of writing this report there have been no changes to the committee’s future work programme since the meeting of 16 September 2014.


8.      Impact on Corporate Objectives


8.1     The Strategic Plan sets the Council’s key objectives for the medium   term and has a range of objectives which support the delivery of         the Council’s priorities. 


8.2     The Committee will consider reports that deliver against the     following priorities:


·         ‘For Maidstone to have a growing economy’ and ‘For Maidstone to be a decent place to live”.  


9.      Financial Implications


9.1     To assist O&S committees in their inquiries, a small budget is available for the purchase of necessary equipment and to cover the costs of training, site visits, meetings in locations other than the Town Hall, witness expenses, specialist advice, books and any other cost that might be legitimately incurred by the committees in the course of their activities.


10.    Relevant Documents


10.1   Appendix A – Future Work Programme

          Appendix B – List of Forthcoming Decisions


11.    Background Documents


11.1   None