Appendix A - Scoping Template - Transport

Scoping Template

Name of Review:


Transport in Maidstone Borough – alternatives to using a car


What are the objectives and desired outcomes of the review


The review will initially be in three stages aimed at identifying how congestion in Maidstone town centre can be eased.




Stage 1 - Cycling and Walking (proposed date 22 July meeting):

·         Identify cycling/walking groups in the Borough

·         Establish what work has/is already been/being done regarding the promotion of walking and cycling to avoid duplication of effort

·         Identify and make recommendations on how MBC can work to increase the use of cycling and walking in the Borough


Stage 2 - Bus (16 and 30 September 2014):

·         Improve communication with the Quality Bus Partnership to enable Councillors to influence debate where they can

·         Identify bus user groups in the Borough to avoid duplication of effort

·         Identify existing bus service providers operating in the RSCs

·         Make recommendations how improvements can be made to bus service provision to the Rural Service Centres (RSC)


Stage 3 - Rail (11 November 2014):

·         Identify rail user groups in the Borough to avoid duplication of effort

·         Gain an insight into KCC and rail providers strategic plans for rail in the Borough

·         Establish MBC member links with KCC and rail service providers


Review of scope and objectives:


After consideration of the evidence gathered from Stage 1, under each area, the working group will recommend either:

  • Support what is already being worked on;
  • Continue with further evidence gathering with revised objectives;
  • Other – depending on what comes to light from evidence gathering.


Final Report and Recommendations:


Final report to include all three areas and recommendations.


What equality issues will need to be considered as part of the review – giving consideration to the 9 protected characteristics:


Ensuring access to all


Which witnesses are required?


Cycling and Walking:

  • Colin Finch, Snr Public Rights of Way Officer, KCC
  • James Gower – @maidstoneonbike suggestion via Twitter (FWP)
  • Bartholomew Wren, Tunbridge Wells BC
  • Tay Arnold Cycling Transport Planner, KCC
  • Elliott Dean, Cycling enthusiast
  • Cllr Paul Harper (MBC)
  • Michael Murphy, Principal Planning Officer, MBC
  • Tim Hapgood, Transport Planner, MBC



  • Nina Peak, SouthEastern
  • Stephen Gasche



  • Dan Bruce, KCC Highways
  • Shane Hymers - KCC
  • Norman Kemp, Nu-Venture
  • Matthew Arnold, Arriva
  • Mike Fitzgerald, East of Maidstone Bus Group

Other ways to seek evidence? E.g. site visits, involving members of the public, consultation.


To be agreed.


What information/training is needed?


To be agreed.


Suggested time for review and report completion date


To be agreed.


The proposal is to split the review into three initially:


  1. Cycling and Walking – 22 July 2014


  1. Bus – 16 and 30 September 2014


  1. Rail – 11 November 2014


How does the review link to council priorities?


For Maidstone to have a growing economy

·         A transport network that supports the local economy


For Maidstone to be a decent place to live

·         Continues to be a clear and attractive environment for people who live in and visit the Borough

·            Residents are not disadvantaged because of where they live or who they are, vulnerable people are assisted and the level of deprivation is reduced

Corporate and Customer Excellence

·         Services are customer focused and residents are satisfied with them

·         Effective, cost efficient services are delivered across the Borough

How does this item deliver CfPS effective scrutiny principles?


·         Provides ‘critical friend’ challenge to executive policy-makers and decision-makers

·         Enables the voice and concerns of the public

·         Is carried out by ‘independent minded governors’ who lead and own the scrutiny role

·         Drives improvement in public services

Any co-optees or expert witnesses?