FWP 141029

Community, Environment and Housing Overview and Scrutiny Committee Work Programme 2014-15



Meeting date

Report deadline

Agenda topics

Details and desired outcomes

Report Author and witnesses

17 June 2014


         Election of Chair and Vice Chair

         Future Work Programme for 2014/15 and SCRAIP updates



15 July 2014



         Cabinet Member Priorities

         Review of Allocations Scheme

         Initial reports on:

o   Financial Inclusion update

o   Troubled Families Project


Cllrs Ring and Perry

Neil Coles


Ellie Kershaw

12 August 2014


30 July 2014

  • Health and Wellbeing Board
    • How is it working for Maidstone?
  • Adults and Older People Review the way forward looking at:
    • Isolation and Loneliness in Older People


Interviews with Bob Bowes and Alison Broom

9 September 2014


27 August


         Review of the Empty Homes Plan (2013-15)

         Update on recommendations from Accessing Mental Health Before the Point of Crisis including CAHMS


Update on recommendations made by CLS&E OSC 2013-14

Neil Coles

Sarah Shearsmith/Sarah Robson


14 October 2014


1 October


         Acting as the Crime & Disorder Overview and Scrutiny Committee

o   Safer Maidstone Partnership update

o   Street population

o   Road safety update

o   Night time economy violent crime

Update on work of SMP

Future plans of SMP


  • John Littlemore
  • Alison Broom, Chair SMP
  • CI Simon Wilson, V Chair SMP
  • Steve Horton, Kent Rd Safety Team
  • Nick Sylvester, KFRS
  • Insp Jody Gagan-Cook
  • Sgt Tristan Stevens
  • Will Myers, Street Outreach
  • Kim Flain, CRI

John Littlemore

Sarah Robson

Invite to go out to Ann Barnes PCC


11 November 2014

29 October


         Review Loneliness and Isolation in the Over 65s of Maidstone borough


Interview witnesses to establish where gaps are, what can be provided and make recommendations.

Jo Tonkin, Kent Public Health

Louise Hudson, Public Health

Sarah Shearsmith/Sarah Robson

Janet Greenroyd Community Wardens

Paul Coles AgeUK


9 December 2014


26 Nov


         Maternity Services in the Borough are they working?


         Review of Street Cleansing

         Impact of the Welfare Reforms initial report follow up reports if required

         Update report Families Matter and Financial Inclusion report only

       Interview witnesses to review Maternity services in the borough since the move of the service to Pembury Hospital

Ask Bob Bowes to attend



Jennifer Shepperd

Steve McGinnis to lead

Ellie Kershaw


13 January 2015



         Private Rented Sector Update report

         Annual refresh of the Health Inequalities Action Plan

       Rescheduled from September

       Committee to see refresh of action plan and then decide if they want to look at a specific part in more detail


Sarah Robson



10 February 2015


         MBC Affordable Housing Development programme

         Update on the second Collective Switching Campaign

         Update report Families Matter and Financial Inclusion


Andrew Connors

Ellie Kershaw

Ellie Kershaw


10 March 2015



         Acting as the Crime & Disorder Overview and Scrutiny Committee


       Annual Strategic Assessment and rolling plan

Sarah Robson

John Littlemore



14 April 2015



         Review of MKIP Shared Environmental Health Service

         Housing Strategy Review

         Draft report on Loneliness and Isolation in the Over 65 Age Group of the Maidstone Borough

  • How is it performing one year on?

John Littlemore/Cllr Ring


Future Items with dates to be confirmed


         Young Carers