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Progress Report: Parks and Open Spaces 10 year Strategic Plan 2017-2027

Meeting: 29/01/2019 - Heritage, Culture and Leisure Committee (Item 133)

133 Progress Report: Parks and Open Spaces 10 year Strategic Plan 2017-2027 pdf icon PDF 120 KB

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The Committee considered the report of Andrew Williams, Parks and Open Spaces Manager, which provided an update on the progress made in the delivery of the Parks and Open Spaces 10 Year Plan.


Mr Williams highlighted that:-


·  A review of the strategic and non-strategic play areas had been undertaken.  The principle being that families should have access to a play area within 1 km (or 12 minutes walk) from where they live.

·  The implementation of a pro-active tree safety inspection programme was moving from a 4 year cycle to a 3 year cycle.

·  The grant scheme for Strategically Important Play Areas maintained by Parishes had been implemented.

·  The team were working with developers and Planning Officers at pre-application stage to plan and develop open spaces on new housing developments. 

·  A Parks and Open Spaces Stakeholder Group would be developed during 2019-20.

·  Projects such as the Go Green Go Wild had been developed to progress bio-diversity in partnership with local community groups.

·  Officers worked collaboratively with other agencies to develop a quality of life programme.

The Committee requested that their thanks be noted to the staff and volunteers for all their hard work.


1)  That the first annual summary of progress for Parks and Open
  Spaces 10 Year Strategic Plan be noted.

2)  That a letter of thanks from the Committee be sent to the staff and

Voting:  Unanimous