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Internal Audit Charter

Meeting: 14/01/2019 - Audit, Governance and Standards Committee (Item 78)

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Mr Rich Clarke, the Head of Audit Partnership, introduced his report setting out a refreshed Internal Audit Charter for 2019 onwards.


It was noted that:


·  An Internal Audit Charter was a requirement of the Public Sector Internal Audit Standards.  It was a foundational document setting out the purpose, authority and responsibility of the Internal Audit Service.  The Committee approved the existing Charter in March 2016.


·  It was generally considered good practice to review the document from time to time as Standards changed.  Aside from some simplification of wording, removal of audit jargon and re-ordering of some sections to make the document more readable, the principal changes were:


The addition of a glossary of terms to clarify how particular terms in the Standards applied in a Maidstone Borough Council context;

The inclusion of more detail on the International Standards and principles that applied to Internal Audit;

Clarification of the role of the Audit, Governance and Standards Committee as a key consultee before commissioning an external quality assessment; and

The inclusion of reference to the need for an annual review.


In response to questions, Mr Clarke explained that:


·  The Internal Audit Partnership recognised and aspired to achieve the mission of Internal Auditing provided by the Institute of Internal Auditors, but the reference to “organisational value” very much encompassed principles such as integrity, probity and ethics.


·  An external quality assessment had to take place at least once every five years by a qualified, independent assessor from outside the organisation.  The Audit Partnership’s most recent such assessment was by the Institute of Internal Auditors in the spring of 2015.  The Committee would be a consultee in the process of commissioning the next assessment which was due in just over a year’s time.


RESOLVED:  That the Internal Audit Charter, attached as Appendix 1 to the report of the Head of Audit Partnership, be approved.