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Meeting: 20/10/2020 - Economic Regeneration and Leisure Committee (Item 166)

166 Lockmeadow Management and Strategy Progress Report pdf icon PDF 63 KB

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The Leisure Property Manager introduced the report that outlined the progress made since the Council acquired Lockmeadow. A marketing consultant and the Communications team had improved the venue’s marketing which had resulted in an increase in followers and social media posts. A shop local themed campaign had resulted in 50 enquiries and 20 new stallholders.


Improvement works had been undertaken that included modernisation of the facia, removal of the cattle grid structure, opening of the town square for future events to be held and the opening of the Odeon LUXE. A food hall was proposed with the designs shown in Appendix 1 to the report and a feasibility study would be conducted moving forward. Discussions with the Council’s planners were underway, with a working group to be formed to improve the links between Lockmeadow and the Town Centre, including signage and the pedestrian journey. Future investment into the venue would include a children’s play area and a riverside café. 


Several Members expressed a preference for a larger food hall to attract more customers and greater advertisement of the Town Square. It was noted that the Council had been approached by Gravity, to discuss the introduction of a sports bar to provide games such as mini golf and table tennis.


In response to questions, eight of the twenty stallholders that had attended the market from the communications campaign had continued attendance, with the difficulty in securing long-term stallholders noted. The car park’s security was considered and the installation of bollards had been delayed whilst a review of the payment systems in place was ongoing. There had been a few incidents of anti-social parking which were dealt with efficiently. It was noted that a cycle hub was being considered with the Council’s planners due to the increase in cycling as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.




1.  The contents of the report be noted; and


2.  The Committee endorse the feasibility work on the Food Hall concept and on improving links with the Town Centre.