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Governance Review: Changing to an Executive Model

Meeting: 30/06/2021 - Democracy and General Purposes Committee (Item 17)

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The Head of Policy, Communications and Governance introduced the report which was brought to the Committee following the motion to review governance arrangements approved at the Annual Council Meeting. When reviewed previously, a working group was formed to develop the new arrangements and this was the preferred option for the current review as it offered more flexibility to meet more often. It was explained that extra resource may be required to support with the development of a new Constitution, and for support from the Centre for Governance and Scrutiny. If the Committee agreed that extra resource would be required, this would need to be approved by the Policy and Resources Committee.


The Committee discussed option 2, the formation of a working group, as the preferred route to developing the new governance arrangements, with regular progress reports presented back to the Committee. It was felt that all Members should be invited to take part in the working group meetings in order to enhance collaboration, but that a core membership should be appointed from the Committee.


The Head of Policy, Communications and Governance informed the Committee that all-Member workshops had previously taken place to ensure every Member had opportunities to input, which could be arranged for the current review.


RESOLVED: That a working group be formed to develop the new executive arrangements, appointed from Committee Members, and to include the Chairman, two further Members from the Conservative Group, one Member from the Liberal Democrat Group and one Member from the Labour Group.