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Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licensing - Unmet Demand Survey

Meeting: 10/11/2022 - Licensing Committee (Item 45)

45 Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licensing - Unmet Demand Survey pdf icon PDF 151 KB

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The Senior Licensing Officer introduced the report and outlined the results of the unmet demand survey that was carried out by Licensed Vehicles Surveys and Assessment (LVSA) as part of Vector Transport Consultancy; there was currently no unmet demand, with the Committee requested to maintain the current hackney carriage licence limit. The last survey that was completed in 2019 found there was no unmet demand.


The Committee felt that the report provided was informative, and expressed support for maintaining the current limit on hackney carriage vehicle licences.





1.  The report submitted by Licensed Vehicle Surveys & Assessment (LVSA) part of Vector Transport Consultancy indicating an absence of any significant demand, be considered; and

2.  The current limit on numbers be maintained.